How To Create SEO-Friendly Site URL Structure

Never mind people who say there is no such thing as SEO-friendly URL structure as they feel that search engines are quite capable of making sense of any URL, as also any URL structure. However, it generally happens that these people belong to the privileged group that is known as web developers. But how about the SEOs.



To be honest about it, SEOs and web developers are like the English and the French – Enamored Enemies! While the latter are more concerned about site speed, crwalability and sundry other technical issues, the former are more focused on site ranking and ROI. Consequently, what could be a perfectly agreeable site URL to a web dev, would turn out to be a totally SEO-unfriendly URL architecture to an SEO personnel.  Be that as it may, let us concentrate on the […]

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Future Of Mobile App Development – A Critical Study

The last year (2016) has witnessed a mammoth sale of smartphones all over our lonely planet and as a consequence the number of such users on the internet has gone up exponentially. This in turn has created a massive surge in the development of mobile app industry worldwide. What’s more, before the end of the year there have been around 10 billion devices on the internet. Nevertheless, it is time that app developers need also to know the future of mobile app development to remain ahead of time.

Future Of Mobile App Development – A Critical Study

No more a solo platform

Even as of now, apps are no longer confined to any single platform. While Android, on account of its popular pricing will take absolute care of the platform business in terms of sales, […]

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Bombarded With IT Terminologies? Relax And Take A Deep Breath, Help Is Near At Hand

Bombarded With IT Terminologies

Crescentek takes pleasure in clearing up some of the commonly used IT terminologies that so often seem to baffle even hardcore IT buffs. For instance, terms such as DevOps, Joint Application Development (JAD), Quality Assurance (QA), Test Automation (TA) and a few others seem so near to us, yet are miles away from our area of conception.

Nevertheless, Here is What All These Neologisms Stand For..



What does DevOps mean

Even though common conception suggests this as a combination of two simple topics such as Development and Operation, in terms of IT, it refers to processes that connect development and operations teams in order to achieve better project management values, resulting in higher efficiency in communications between Development Teams and other divisions of a business or organization.

Agile […]

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