Wow !! Now You Can Find Free Wifi Hotspots Nearby with Your Facebook APP!

Facebook’s very own wifi compass, the ‘Find Wifi’ mobile app feature enables users to find nearby wifi hotspots from their current location through Android and iOs devices. Facebook first talked about rolling out this feature through a blog and a facebook page, in November 2016. Back then, only the beta version was released in London, UK; then gradually rolling out to other, selective countries. Its global roll out has finally taken place recently.


The feature is listed in the ‘Apps section’ in Android phones, and ‘Explore section’ in iOS. To access it, first log in to your account through your mobile app, then select the ‘hamburger’ button that opens up the ‘menu’ (the three bars button in Android, and three dots button in iOs). First, find the apps section, then, under the apps section there will be the ‘Find Wifi’ […]

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