Dissecting Artificial Intelligence to Know More about Human Brain!!

Artificial Intelligence

In the natural world, applied intelligence takes many forms. For instance, bats use echo-location to navigate in the dark, while snakes utilize their heat-sensing ability to hunt down prey. In the computer science world too, many forms of artificial intelligence are to be found, where diverse networks perform different tasks. Cognitive scientists, for instance, are currently using some of the newly developed networks to know more about one of the most complex intelligence system – the human brain.

“The fundamental questions cognitive neuroscientists and computer scientists seek to answer are similar,” says Aude Oliva of MIT. “They have a complex system made of components — for one, it’s called neurons and for the other, it’s called units — and we are doing experiments to try to determine what those components calculate.”

According to Oliva, neuroscientists are learning […]

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