Make Stickers Out Of Your Own Selfie With The New Updated Google Allo

Allo is a messaging app not many have heard of yet. It is rather new, being released on September 2016, merely 10 months ago, that Google introduced as the “smart messaging app” after its “Hangouts” slumber. Google Allo is pact with features, like personal assistance, and AI mechanism, that makes sharing and accessing content a virtual disco! With the predomination of Whatsapp and FB Messaging, this is something unique, and most likely to attract more users.


The new addition, with its latest update, is to create stickers packs, using one’s own selfies! And share them with other Google Allo contacts. This feature has been talked about for long, and finally the global roll out is available on Play Store with the latest update of the app.


Google Allo is built combining neutral network generated illustrations that […]

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  • Eyes react better with visuals
    For Your Eyes Only For Your Eyes Only

    For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only

Even though the sensational James Bond (007) spy film “For Your Eyes Only” was a spectacular hit, grossing $195.3 million worldwide, this post has very little to do with surveillance or spying but merely emphasizes on the visual effect of a website as also how graphics greatly help improve user experience on the World Wide Web.

Since the veracity of the old adage that proclaims “A picture is worth a thousand words” proves to be so true with websites using images that we now know, irrespective of whether categorizing content, or promoting a product, captivating images help convey a website’s message so much more.

 visual effect of a website

Eyes react better with visuals

Studies reveal that around 65% of the […]

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