Bombarded With IT Terminologies? Relax And Take A Deep Breath, Help Is Near At Hand

Bombarded With IT Terminologies

Crescentek takes pleasure in clearing up some of the commonly used IT terminologies that so often seem to baffle even hardcore IT buffs. For instance, terms such as DevOps, Joint Application Development (JAD), Quality Assurance (QA), Test Automation (TA) and a few others seem so near to us, yet are miles away from our area of conception.

Nevertheless, Here is What All These Neologisms Stand For..



What does DevOps mean

Even though common conception suggests this as a combination of two simple topics such as Development and Operation, in terms of IT, it refers to processes that connect development and operations teams in order to achieve better project management values, resulting in higher efficiency in communications between Development Teams and other divisions of a business or organization.

Agile […]

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  • Eyes react better with visuals
    For Your Eyes Only For Your Eyes Only

    For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only

Even though the sensational James Bond (007) spy film “For Your Eyes Only” was a spectacular hit, grossing $195.3 million worldwide, this post has very little to do with surveillance or spying but merely emphasizes on the visual effect of a website as also how graphics greatly help improve user experience on the World Wide Web.

Since the veracity of the old adage that proclaims “A picture is worth a thousand words” proves to be so true with websites using images that we now know, irrespective of whether categorizing content, or promoting a product, captivating images help convey a website’s message so much more.

 visual effect of a website

Eyes react better with visuals

Studies reveal that around 65% of the […]

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Tips and Tricks for Budding Web Developers & Designers

Aspiring to be a successful web developer and designer? Great idea and well-timed too, save and except overcoming the hassles that are associated with the profession. Remember the old dictum ‘Jack of all trade, but master of none?’ Well, you need to change the maxim to ‘Jack of all trade plus master of all,’ to become triumphant in this challenging occupation. However, here are a few tips and tricks that may help you achieve your goal.
Tips and Tricks for Budding Web Developers & Designers

Learn the basics first

Let’s get one thing cleared right away. Unless you know the fundamentals of programming and design, these tips and tricks will be of very little help for you. To start with, you need to have some first hand knowledge about HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript. You also […]

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Ifs and Buts of Website Images

Have you ever wondered why cameras are now installed in most mobile phones? The reason is pretty simple. While verbal communication through a mobile phone proves most convenient, images taken through it tells the full story. Moreover, technology has so simplified the use of a camera  that anyone can take excellent shots of moving or stationary object through a camera phone. In any case,  the age old dictum that proclaims ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ could not be truer even today.

However, the same principle applies to websites that become livelier when accompanied by appropriate images, although the perspectives are a little different. We are now living in a world where website visitors are more interested in socializing as also gaining information on a personal level. Website designers and developers, being aware of this trend have chosen the most effective method of satisfying this […]

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Above or below the belt?

OMG; the title has been wrongly typed – it should read “Above or below the fold”.

Traditionally, a website’s initial impression on its users depends a lot on its “above the fold” content. Nevertheless, with the users’ interaction evolving over time, the traditional usage of the fold seems no longer so relevant.

However, this post digs deeper on the subject, while providing you with snippets that will speak for themselves.

What does “Above the Fold” mean

To be precise, ‘Above the Fold’ refers to the area of a web page that becomes visible sans any scrolling. Since it is the initial view that visitors encounter on a web page, website designers and developers pay maximum attention to what should appear on this area, i.e. above the fold.

Incidentally, the term ‘above the fold’ is primarily […]

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