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“Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile sites vs. Native Apps”

According to data from Cisco, global mobile devices and connections in 2014 grew to 7.4 billion, up from 6.9 billion in 2013. The vast majority of mobile data traffic (97%) will originate from smart devices.

The increased use of mobile devices poses opportunities as well as challenges for businesses, making them eager to know if they are proceeding in the right direction or not. Especially whether they are putting their time and money in the right places?

However, this post merely takes into account the various facets that revolve round Responsive web Design, Mobile websites and Native Mobile Apps, leaving the reader to decide which the best option is.

 Responsive Web Design vs. [...]
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Essential Prerequisites of Mobile App Design Company

With the advent of Internet and the ubiquitous World Wide Web, anybody can kick-start and operate any kind of business from anywhere in the world maybe from his/her bedroom or garage (that’s precisely how Apple had originally started), and that too with minimum investment. The set up becomes all the more lucrative if the deal revolves round software and allied items. However, those who are a little more advanced opt for creating and/or designing apps for mobile phones. In this case, the demand is unlimited as also the profitability.

web-developer-in-west-midlands-4Incidentally, these apps are mostly iPhone apps based on iOS or are just Android based applications, serving specific purposes. While some apps provide the users with info regarding the local weather conditions, while others help their patrons with logistics related to navigation. Over and above there […]

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Develop a Mobile App of your Company and Make a Difference

When the Smartphones are your target customers’ new best friend, the finest way to win their hearts would be a mobile app. A Smartphone user always loves a noteworthy application. A user requires scrolling and scanning his/her device for downloading new apps. This makes them view a lot of new applications and the brilliant ones always get their special attention.

Most business owners think that mobile apps are only for premier companies, but a startup can make a smart impression on his/her target customers with its own business app. Be it a small, mid-range or an established entity, having a flashy mobile app is becoming mandatory for every company now.

Excessive advertising through TV, web marketing, newspaper, coupons, roadside banners create a negative impact on your customers, and you cannot maximize profit if they don’t think positive about you. However, a great mobile app can […]

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How to Find the Right Internet Marketer

As digital marketing is in vogue, entrepreneurs are always in search of an internet marketer. The thing is there’s no scarcity of these professionals, but spotting an expert is not so easy. Here we will focus on a few factors, which will help you to pick the right professional for your company.

When you are looking for an internet marketing firm in your locality, you do an internet search, and the search engines show you at least 500 companies. Among those, you would obviously look for the one, which ranks the top. A company with the premier rank surely knows the smartest internet marketing strategy; that’s what everyone thinks. However, if you contact all these search results, you will realize that every digital agency says the same thing to its customers.

Enhance-Your-Online-Marketing-StrategiesNot all digital […]

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Is HTML5 the Reason Behind Growth in Mobile App Development Demand?

The answer most probably lies in the affirmative. Even though HTML5 was primarily developed for optimizing the language through the use of contemporary multimedia content, while at the same time keeping the code accessible both by Homo sapiens and machines, it was later found that its usage went on the rise in the mobile application field. What’s more, its cross platform compatibility and gainful perspective encouraged organizations to make use of HTML5 to build applications by way of coordinating the current trends in mobile app development.

However, here are some factors that can be linked to HTML5 contribution towards the increasing demand for mobile app development.

Single technology/several featuresMobile-Development-Tools

HTML5 allows lusty mobile apps development within a specified time frame, while keeping itself akin to the primary center of […]

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