• difference between Marketing and Sales
    Ever knew the difference between Marketing and Sales? Ever knew the difference between Marketing and Sales?

    Ever knew the difference between Marketing and Sales?

Ever knew the difference between Marketing and Sales?

At the outset, marketing and sales appear to be the two faces of the same coin, whereas in actual realty these are two different coins altogether. While marketing comprises certain forms of strategies, such as inbound marketing, outbound marketing, social media marketing, etc, in the absence of a good sales technique such strategies often end up in a fiasco. In other words, marketing and sales should both work hand-in-hand for the development of a business enterprise, even though their approach could be different.

However, the issues will become more evident if we analyze the roles played by Marketing and Sales Managers of a company respectively.


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The role of the Marketing Manager

Depending on the type of business and its size as also financial capacity, the responsibility of marketing may be placed on a […]

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Current Trend in The IT sector in NZ

Recent studies (as of 2014-15) indicate astounding growth rate in the IT sector all over the Kiwi Country, with the number of domestic IT business going well over 10,000 since 2013. Simultaneously, more ICT businesses are expanding globally, reports signifying that exports of IT services have almost doubled since 2008. Computer services, happily enough, now account for 25 per cent of all business expenditure on research and development in the country. In other words, New Zealand is marching ahead full steam, leaving no area untapped or unexploited, as will be evident from the following paragraphs.

 Current trend in the IT sector in NZ


Since more than 87.88% of the New Zealand population is online today (as of 2015), more and more companies are adopting trendy online marketing strategies to target their customers. But lo and behold; they are […]

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Ways to Create Customer-Centric Strategy for Your Business

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation in India once chided a boastful shopkeeper by telling him that he wasn’t favoring his customer by providing the best of materials but the customer was favoring him by visiting his shop and buying from him!

Why it has taken such a long period of time for marketers to realize this simple issue remains a mystery for many. True, in today’s digital marketing era a company can not survive unless its services are customer –centric, but then it does not merely mean fair service – something much more than that. It precisely means identifying with the customers’ mindset – what satisfies them most, as well as, when.  A customer’s requirements in summer dramatically changes with the onset of winter. For a business to prosper it has to follow the trend and offer merchandise accordingly. If you study the sales […]

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Amazing World of Mobile Communication

Previously a status symbol, then adult size toy and now a part of life – this is how you may define a mobile phone today. In short, it is now considered as indispensable not only in developed countries such as U.K., U.S.A, Sweden, etc but also in remote African villages where man eating lions still prowl.

As a dominant form of communication, it relays functionality and fashion through a small package. While billions of people worldwide now own cell phones,  some European countries contain more number of mobile phones than actual inhabitants. In other words, the number of mobile phones registered in the region exceeds the number of people living in the area. Of course, this is possible if a person acquires more than one phone for himself or herself. The other side of the coin, nevertheless, provides another unique form of mobile phone usage by […]

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Why You Need to Go Social With Your Small Business Marketing

Running a small business successfully equates to managing multiple issues successfully. Even though the prime factor no doubt revolves round strong business acumen on part of the business owner, marketing abilities prove indispensible towards keeping it afloat and reaching the summit. While traditional marketing methods involving press releases, PR and a sizeable budget for posting ads are ok with big companies or corporate bodies, for a small business it could be killing.


Where there’s a will, there is a way

Nevertheless, ‘where there’s a will, there is a way’. Small business owners all over the world have found a new method of marketing their products by way of leveraging social media platforms that is not only more effective than traditional marketing strategies but is cost effective too. Colloquially called Social Media Marketing or

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