Useful yet handy UI (user-interface) design tips


Prior to plunging into the significance of tips that may help you design more effective User Interface, dwelling on human-computer interaction, let me remind you that the design process should not only be hundred percent user oriented but also portray an amalgamation of technical functionality along with aesthetic look. Needless to say, the mounting dependence of contemporary businesses on web applications/mobile applications that has led many of them to put higher priority on UI, it has in turn made the job of designers more forceful.

Now, let us get into the brass tacks (UI Design Tips)

UI Design Tip 1: Know your Users’ behavior–

When planning UI designing, it is essential that you know your users’ behavior. For instance, Users generally go through the content in a horizontal form, mostly across the upper part of the content area (in case of a […]

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Phishing Attacks And How To Prevent Them

phishing attack

A phishing attack is an example of a social engineering attack where hackers deceive an individual into providing them with information or installing malware into their devices. Hackers that use social engineering attacks don’t hack into devices in the technical sense and instead target the emotions and behavior of an individual. Therefore, it is always more challenging to defend against such attacks, which could explain why phishing traces to as far back as the early 1990s and is still being used. Of course, to adequately protect yourself against such attacks, you need to understand how they are executed and the methods available to prevent them.

Defending Against Phishing Attacks

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    Vaccinate your Website against Hacking Vaccinate your Website against Hacking

    Vaccinate your Website against Hacking

Vaccinate your Website against Hacking

Making your website live is like unlocking the door to your premises with your office and safe open: Most of the people who visit your physical building will never even know that all of your data is there to discover just by walking in. Occasionally you will find someone with malicious intent who will walk in and steal your data. That is why you have locks on doors and safes.

Vaccinate your Website against Hacking


Your website is just the same, except that you will never see anyone come in unless you have protection systems in place. Electronic thieves are invisible and fast., searching for your website for details of customers’ accounts, especially for their credit card information. You have a legal obligation to protect this data from theft and to report security breaches that occur.


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Do You Know How Animated Explainer Videos Can Increase Your Sales?

Yes; most Explainer Video Production Companies claim that animated marketing video increase sales even up to 60 percent! But this again should be viewed through the good old axiom that proclaims ‘Proof of the Pudding lies in eating ’. So, here we see what pundits on the web and other social media experts argue about why   explainer videos are the greatest marketing tools.

how Animated Explainer Videos can increase your Sales

Let Google come to the forefront

Google has currently launched a new feature called Video App Promo Ads for Google Display Network users ready to increase app sales and install rates. This was followed by a survey on early players where the results proved truly fabulous. In fact, the […]

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Is it True That Microsoft’s Bing is Gaining Ground on Google in Search Market?

To be precise, the answer is both yes and no. Even though Google still controls something like three-quarters of the entire US search market, signs are evident that this supremacy may soon turn into hearsay. As a matter of fact, Bing is already banking on sustained growth in the search market all through 2011 and 2012 while Microsoft rightly believes that users are gradually shifting their trust from Google to Bing, a much younger SE.

As a reflection of this growing trend, Bing captured 14.32% of the search market, while Yahoo Search (powered by Bing) claimed another 15.69%. Meanwhile, Google went down 3%, falling below 65%, a record low for the search leviathan.

However, for authenticity of records, we might as well take a quick look at figures provided by Experian® Hitwise®, a division of Experian Marketing Services (Leading online competitive intelligence service) which is […]

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