Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Despite the fact that  many online marketers are currently preferring to trade in the traditional approach of email marketing for the novo and modern day approach of  Social Media Marketing, the burning question that surfaces now revolves round the suitability of their preference. In fact, this has set the ball rolling to judge whether it is worthwhile to totally eliminate email marketing from proven marketing strategy and jump headlong into the Social media arena.

However, a quick evaluation of both the approaches may lead the way towards taking a positive decision in the matter.

So far as emails are concerned, people still have a curiosity to know what message awaits them as a new day breaks. Email marketers just take that opportunity by sending a well worded message about their product or services in the form of a short but interesting text –often unrelated to the product. And as expected, it meets the mark, provided it is not very bulky or doesn’t carry the evil odor of retail.

However, an Auto Responder, when incorporated in most Email marketing strategy  often works wonder  in online marketing. Check out for yourself on the following benefits that auto responders such as Aweber or getResponse can provide for you.

  • Build connections and earn trust – Consumers are more inclined to buy from you when they feel that they ‘know’ you and can trust you. One of the easiest of ways of achieving this goal include sending them series of emails containing messages that relate to common interest  such as the weather or the nutritional value of different food items. Occasional requests for email address of friends and relatives for sending them such information seldom create any adverse effect of recipients. But the biggest benefit that comes out of this maneuver is a long list of prospective customers that has developed trust in you.
  • Easy management of email campaigns – With autoresponder service, you can create multiple emails at one stroke and set them up to be delivered to your list automatically according to dates and time specified by you.
  • Setting you apart for ‘branding’ – Autoresponders also allow you to establish your unique identity which in turn helps your email recipients identify you as a brand as also an authority in your niche.

Now, let us take a quick look at some of the advantages of Social Media Marketing and see for ourselves which side the scales tip. However, here are the benefits as may be viewed  on percentage basis

  • Direct customer communication : 65.0%
  • Feedback fastness : 59.9%
  • Information about customer preference : 59.1%
  • Low running cost : 51.1%
  • Brand Building : 48.2%
  • Market research : 42.3%
  • ‘Crowd’ Credibility : 40.1%
  • Reach : 37.2%
  • Lead generation source : 21.2%

Courtesy: Adam Ostro (Media entrepreneur and commentator)

However, despite all the plus points going in favor of marketing through Social Media platforms, it may prove to be rather challenging when the entire load is on Facebook or Twitter for that matter. Besides, there is the risk of viral publicity associated with Social Media platforms. For instance, when you are confronted with any news or item to share with your audience, it literally spreads like bushfire around the four corners of our lonely planet. And when this news carries any negative message, it could be devastating, too. In fact, it often becomes hard to apply damage control when you are dealing with social media since your reputation could be soiled in a matter of minutes.

Modern marketers, therefore, advise taking the middle path, by way of using both but with discretion.