Effective Lead Generation Tips and Tricks for running your ecommerce store successfully

If you happen to be running an online store, or intend to do so at a later date, ecommerce lead generation is a vital issue for the success of your business for the simple reason that getting more leads equates to more sales. However, before delving deeper into the intricacies of lead generation tips and tricks for ecommerce stores, it may be prudent to know what a lead is.

Well, regardless of what industry or type of trading you are engaged in, a lead is someone who has evidenced some interest in your products, services or brand and may wish to linger. In simpler terms, a lead is an individual or a corporate body bound with an interest in what you are selling. The interest is often expressed by way of sharing contact information, such as a phone number, an email ID or a social media handle.

However, here are a few helpful Lead Generation tips and tricks of proven value:

1.By creating unique Content –

Content is still the king. There are more people on our planet that loves to read well structured, highly informative, fault-free content than flipping through pages of pornography. Try to make your content irresistible, so that people would be drawn to it as if it is a magnet. Make it free of any sales talk. Talk about the weather or of climate change and its dreadful effect on the planet.

Better still, talk about your company- how it rose from a small beginning to 10 member office team. While such colorful content will boost your visibility to a great extent, it will generate more traffic to your site, thus providing leads.

2.Through email marketing –

Yes, this is cheaper than other strategies, yet giving you much in return, provided you follow the steps given below.

  • Take permission first – 

    You will, as a matter of courtesy, take permission from your target audience to send email marketing to them. You may also ask them to fill in a form on your website, permitting you to keep their email address to send promotional literature to them. Nevertheless, ecommerce lead generation frequently involves on-page optimization more than email compilation.

  • Offer privileges

    None bothers to open a stereotyped email, unless it contains some tempting offer. So, offer them some privileges such as free token samples or sales discount to win their hearts.

  • Make it short –

    The old principle that worked fine with snail mail proves best with electronic mail too. It is as simple as yet effective and reads “Your message should be like a lady’s skirt –as short as to evoke interest”.

  • Make it relevant –

    If you are selling soap, stick to it. There is no point discussing the benefits of using an EV while you are selling bath soaps for the simple reason that it will kill the core of email marketing which dwells principally on relevance and bearing.

  • Optimize for mobile –

    Apart from desktops and laptops, most of the emails are now opened and read on mobile devices. So, you need to ensure that your email marketing has been optimized for such devices.

3.By using Exit-Intent popup-

because it can detect a visitor’s intent to exit while popping up an image or GIF in a last minute effort to convert. Interestingly enough, while more than 70% of your visitors come and go through your website (not spending more than 15 seconds), Exit-Intent popups will help you recover at least 15% of those run away leads.

4.By running remarketing campaign-

 If you run your ad on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc, there is ample chance that a potential lead, after visiting your site will come across these ads and become real leads. Even if this doesn’t prove so effective at first, it will turn into reality pretty soon. So, remarketing campaigns also prove equally effective as part of ecommerce lead generation drive.

5.By optimizing CTAs (Call-to-Action)-

Regardless of how you consider the effectiveness of your CTAs, they nevertheless form the most significant parts of any marketing campaign. For instance, an effective lead generation CTA could push visitors to:

  1. Get access now!

  2. Try now our free Demo ..

  3. Where is my free eBook?

6.By offering Free Trial-

Studies reveal that 62% of organizations earn 10% of their business by way of offering free trials, while 16% of organizations get 50% of their business in the same method. This proves what? That ecommerce leads are generated through this process too.

7.By optimizing your content and sales pages for SEO-

No matter what type of content you might have created (interesting, highly interesting, extremely interesting or arresting), SEO still matters most. How do you think your visitors will be able to find it unless you optimize your content for search? SEO, though a small word, its impact on online business is great. Search Engine optimization is not only important for ecommerce websites but all other types of sites too. An effective and ethical website optimization process will have the benefit of ranking high on SERP, paving the way to more lead generation.

8.By creating Search Ads with Extensions-

Believe it or not, one of the surest tips for ecommerce lead generation involves search Ads. They become extremely helpful when you use ‘Ad Extensions’. It will allow you to include more information within the Ad, while they show up in SERPs with sitelink extensions that provide extra links to precise pages on the website. Incidentally, Google lead form extensions will display beneath your search ad on mobile and tablet devices, while allowing users to provide their contact information directly through your ad on the SERP. If, however, the user is signed into the Google account, he or she will reach a Google-hosted form already pre-populated with contact detail and can convert with a click.


Most probably, the worst types of headaches occur when you try to bang your head in an operation called ecommerce lead generation, because you find yourself at a loss to know where to start from. However, the best way of resolving the issue revolves round two major factors, such as to know your potential customers first and then to see how best you could allure them become loyal customers. I am pretty sure that this blog post will help you immensely on both the aspects.