Tips and Streaks to Get High Score in Stacks

The game of Stack, presented by Ketchapp, is a 3D isometric variation of the typical block-stacking pastime that is already quite popular on iPhone and Android platforms and is enjoyed by players  (solo or several at a time). However, to avail higher scores you need to keep on stacking while taking precautionary measures to evade pieces not falling off accidentally. It also takes into account individual players downloading in their iPhones, while awaiting every other player doing the same.

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According to the rules of the game, you are required to stack up blocks as high as possible, where none of the blocks should stumble or fall and thus gain your points. But don’t you ever think that it is free of loopholes because as you play you are sure to observe that some of the stacked layers are literally floating of the higher left hand corner and right side of the screen that are enough to unnerve you.

However, as soon as you notice the top layer of the blocks floating over the tower, you need to tap it, resulting in a drop, accumulating yet another level to the tower.

Meanwhile, do not behave as a silent spectator but help centering the block, thus preventing the drops. However, your efforts should aim at centering the layer in a homogeneous fashion that will result in a flash. This in turn will hasten you to center the layers flawlessly one after the other thus setting up a streak that will become brighter and better.

Incidentally, there is also a sting in the tail! For instance, as you run up your score, the blocks will run too, if not a little faster. Under such circumstances, your only way of escape lies in altering the timing of your taps – tapping it faster to match the event.

However, here are a few tips and tricks that may help you gain higher scores in this block-stacking game:

Tip # 1

Accuracy is the name of the game. More accurate are your taps, better will be your score.  Right from the beginning, make your taps as perfect as possible. Even though in the long run you run the risk of committing errors, you can always have the additional opportunity at later stages.

Tip # 2

Keep the momentum up. When you indulge in this maneuver, the flashes will tend to to become bigger and brighter. Also, if you can center fresh  layers in a row, you are sure to gain larger sized blocks that will guarantee more room to set blocks down.

Tip # 3

Timing your taps well will help you gain higher score in the game of stack. Even though the blocks are likely to move faster, after a while, the speed goes down. This break will permit you to time your taps timely and well.

Tip # 4

Practice will make you perfect to score high in the game of stack for the simple reason that Stack, after all is more about timing and luck. There seems to be no other alternative in reaching higher score than regular practicing.