Website Design and Development from a More Practical Point of View

At CRESCENTEK, one of the largest globally operating website designing and development companies we are often confronted with a wide range of inquiries entailing our size (number of employees), our capacity to finish a project within a time frame, approximate cost of a project and so on, little realizing that these are irrelevant in terms of designing a site for a client. However, what matters most is a Web Design Brief, to be provided by the prospective client to us, so that we could address the issue from a more practical point of view.


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Primary Contents of a Web Design Brief 

 Brief intro about you and your company that includes:
  • A few paragraphs about your business activities
  • How long are you in this business?
  • Do you provide services or sell products? Please specify
  • Do you serve locally or globally?
  • Type of competition you are facing now


Your objectives, goals, vis-à-vis target audience

If you set up your objectives and at the same time give us a hint about the type of audience you have in your mind, it becomes easier for us to design the site. Meanwhile, throw some light on the following.

  • Why do you need to build a new website or re-design the one that you already have?
  • What are your actual expectations from a newly built website?
  • Do you have any fascination for a particular style or design?
  • Your target audience comes under which category: End users, Stakeholders, Corporate business houses or others.


Budget and Timeline

Needless to say these are the key components for any web development project. However,  kindly throw some light on  the following issues so that we could work accordingly.

  • The estimated budget allocated by you for the project
  • If the project turn out to be larger than what you anticipated, would you like to ‘Pay as Go’ basis?
  • What is the viable method of payment?
  • When do you want us to start the project ?
  • Do you harbor any specific deadline for its completion?


Feature and Functionality of the site as expected by  you

Since this is the key issue in terms of designing and developing a website, your views as the website owner (as also a customer of ours) is of paramount importance for us. So, please do not hesitate to open your mind, regardless of whether the issues are practical or not. Nevertheless, here is a dummy of your web design checklist:

  • How many section will it have?
  • Functionality and features you want us to include on the website, such as Search Box, Sliders, Product List, Filters, Blog, Payment Gateway, etc.
  • What are preferences about the menu structure? Are you intent on having sub menu items?
  • How do you want the navigation bar to appear?


Actual Design and Development

Since we have to work hand-in-hand for the design and development of your website, we need to comprehend the design concept you have in your mind. Nevertheless, answering the checklist given below will help us a lot in giving shape to your idea.

  • Who will take care of the photography part?
  • Who will be responsible for providing the content?
  • Do you have any fascination in regard to colors, fonts or style guidelines that you want us to follow?
  • Do you have any preferred platform?



We sincerely hope that as a prospective client you have not been offended by a counter questionnaire mailed to you. At the same time,  we are sure that you have appreciated our labor in perfecting your website, to be designed and developed by us.