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ERP Software Development

CRESCENTEK, a globally recognized company known for creating user-friendly software for various industries also provides cost effective and easy-to-install-n-operate ERP software modules for different small, medium and large enterprises. Needless to say, this software that serves the purpose of ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, guarantees better ROI in most cases. Apart from streamlining and monitoring sundry activities that relate to any business enterprise, the software provides better management options for the company that uses CRESCENTEK ERP Software. While helping achieve better operational visibility and higher transparency, this software also helps creating a central management hub within the organization for smooth and effective administration of workflow process. It homogenizes the system, enhances the operational efficiency and heightens customer relationship.

What is more, it reduces the cost of production, while reorganizing the production and planning part of it. The software also helps business owners take better business decisions.

ERP Software takes adequate care of the following aspects

  • Sales, Marketing and Distribution Management.
  • Inventory, Store and Material Management.
  • Vendor and Supplier Management.
  • Finance and Accounts Management.
  • H.R. and Payroll Management.
  • Production and Planning Management.
  • System Administration Management.
  • Quality Control Management.

Over and above these issues, CRESCENTEK ERP Software also maintains issues that concern statutory compliance according to the laws of the land. These include various taxes and tariffs such as Value added Tax or VAT, Sales Tax, Deduction at source, Professional Tax for high salaried employees as well as Excise and other duties that are payable to the government.

Key features of ERP Software

    • Robust technology with continual Upgrades incorporated.
    • Internet-based Software.
    • Customizable to user needs.
    • User friendly; easy to install - easy to use.
    • Contains adequate number of standard and vertical Specific modules.
    • Has comprehensive features in every module.
    • Serves Multi-location, Multi-currency and Multi-currency issues.
    • Provided with automated Workflows.
    • Integrated with Third-Party Applications.

In other words, CRESCENTEK ERP Software can help rationalize most business houses, providing them with customizable help to achieve best ROI.