Site map development

Designing and developing a website is a very intimidating task in itself, what adds to the complication is the volume of information that needs to be provided to make the website more comprehensive. It needs a lot of brainstorming sessions amongst the designers and developers to reach at a common consensus . Designers might chalk out the contour and the mockups to conceive the website before they get started but what about the novices ? How does one get the design of the website chalked out before handing over the assignment to the designer?

A well planned “ Sitemap” comes up as a befitting solution to such woes . It is an effective planning and organizing tool for both the designers and novices. A sitemap can help one to organize and illuminate the content that one needs to have in the website and remove unnecessary elements as well. The best part is, since a site map is basically an overview or flow chart of the content one’s site needs , it can be created by anybody irrespective of their technical skills.

Enclosed is a brief overview of the uses of a site map :

  • It clarifies the sites objectives.
  • Helps in avoiding duplicate contents completely
  • Streamlines the conversion funnel.
  • Gets all the visitors on the the same page.

Team Crescentek’s PoA : Keeping in mind the many advantages that a site map provides, Crescentek offers to design the same for its esteemed clients at a reasonable price .