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Hire highly experienced Laravel Developers with years of experience and expertise , as full time employees, fixed cost projects or on hourly basis. Get their expertise as a remote team and exercise full control.

Hire Laravel developers as and how you need and leverage their expertise.

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  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • SQLite
  • SQL Server


  • Spatie
  • Laravel
  • LaraAdmin
  • GraphQL
  • Laravel
  • Tinker
  • Debugbar
  • Socialite

Tools and Utilities

  • Lumen
  • For Laravel
  • Env Providers
  • Laravel API Generator
  • Laravel Docker
  • Laravel Permission
  • Laravel Log Viewer

Best practices followed by our Laravel Developers

Our professional developers make sure to follow the best coding practices. You can be rest assured of a clean and error-free code that is easy understandable and can be implemented easily.

  • We use the latest and most stable Laravel version.
  • Use appropriate Laravel naming conventions
  • We follow coding standards (PSR-2 , PSR-4)
  • Appropriate use of Artisan CLI
  • Proper use of plugins
  • Laravel Data migration
  • Use of Eloquent ORM

Our Laravel Services


Laravel Application Development

On the basis of the Web Development agency requirements, team Crescentek helps you design and manage, feature rich Laravel applications. These applications enhance productivity to a great extent.


Custom Web Apps Development

Hire experienced Laravel developers to create Customized web apps that will increase your Web Design Agency’s organizational efficiency. The applications will ensure seamless operations.


E-Commerce Development

We build our clients a safe and secured e-commerce platform. This will not only enhance the performance but will also protect from E-commerce risks like data theft, unauthorized access, exploitation of vulnerabilities, platform downtime, etc.


Migration to Laravel

Our top notch developers will help you migrate from obsolete frameworks and integrate it with more relevant PHP frameworks like Laravel. And that too without much of a hassle. Your data and other SEO compatibility remains absolutely intact.


API Development and Integration

Customized API solutions and API integration services are aptly handled by our experienced Laravel developers. These create a strong network between the proprietary systems and the third parties.


Maintenance and Support

Our expert Laravel developers are available 18*7, 365 days to cater to all your maintenance needs. The developers focus on running the Laravel Applications error free so that you can focus more on building your business.

Why Hire dedicated Team from Crescentek


Large Pool of Pre-Vetted Developers

We have a large pool of talented Laravel developers from where you can choose the best, according to your requirement. It saves you a lot of time and is cost efficient too. With us, meeting your work commitments on time will never be a hassle.


Best Industry Practices w.r.t Clean Codes

Our developers believe in writing clean codes to create all types of applications, using expressive yet simple syntaxes. Clear, maintainable and understandable codes are written that are easy to interprete.


Direct Involvement Of The Owner

You need not wait for days to get your work done where multiple levels of approvals are required. Get in touch with the owners directly and get the desired approvals. That’s how we deliver projects dot on time.


Automation of Development Life Cycle

We follow Gitflow as development lifecycle which gives your Web Development Agency a better control over how the development process flows and how the deployment takes place. This allows one to identify wrong deployments and hence the rollbacks.


18*7 Client Support (Across time zones)

You get all the desired support from team Plus promotions, across time zones. Account manager assigned to the agency will be easily accessible in the preferred mode of communication.


You Are In Control - Take Charge

When you work with Crescentek, you get a dedicated team of Laravel Professionals whom you can control, without the hassles of administrative issues. The team is completely under your control and you know who is doing what and when.


Zero Overhead Expenses

When you hire your dedicated team of Laravel developers from us, you just need to fulfill your work commitments. You don’t need to pay any Bonus, Medical allowance, Insurance or any other legal liabilities. We take care of all of them and you are free from all these hassles.


Low Attrition

All our developers have been with us for more than 5 years. Their dedication is unparalleled . We take good care of our employees so be rest assured that there will be very less attrition. You will not be left in lurch amidst an ongoing project.


50% Cost Reduction

Time and again statistics have shown that hiring Pre-vetted developers significantly reduces cost of the company along with the hassles that come along with it. Expect no less than 50% cost reduction.

Fixed Price Quote

Hiring expert developers could never have been easier and more cost effective. Save upto 40% of the total development cost by outsourcing your Laravel projects to us. We will provide customised solutions based on your requirement and budget.

Save Extra 50%


Our developers provide their expert services at affordable hourly rates. Begin with us at just $18/hr.

Save 30%


Get rid of the hassles of in-house recruiting. Get expert solutions from Crescentek at pocket-friendly monthly charges. Get at least 160+ hours of work and get your projects done faster.

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