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Hire our React native Developers to take your business a notch higher. Our team of extremely adept developers can build user-friendly, high-performing applications so that you can experience enhanced customer engagement.

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  • We sign NDA


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Our React native developer’s expertise to shape your business idea


  • SQLite
  • Realm


  • react
  • redux
  • moment
  • native-base
  • react-native
  • react-navigation
  • Axios
  • redux-saga

Tools & Utilities

  • VSCode
  • Xcode
  • Android Studio
  • Git

Best practices applied by team Cresccentek to build world class , cross platform mobile applications

  • Classifying components into Presentation Component and Container Component
  • Use functional components for Stateless presentation
  • Use Class Component for Stateful container Component
  • We manage the resources of static images.
  • Use Redux to manage Business and state logic
  • Each element key should be unique
  • Image optimization and cloud storage
  • We use platform centric Styles and Codes
  • Using typescript

Our React Native Services to provide you with high-octane Mobile Apps


Custom App Development

We help you create feature-intensive, customised applications that will help your business grow. From user-friendly UI and cross-functional apps In ios and android we provide full-cycle React Native app development solutions.


Wireframe and Prototype Development

Our developers are highly experienced and ensure that the clients get more clarity and Idea about the look and feel of the final product. Wireframes and prototypes are What we first come up with.


App Migration

Hire our developers to give your existing applications a modern twist with our App migration services. This includes app upgrades or migration, data migration, server-side migration, and many more.


React Native MVP Development

We believe in running the app by making a MVP. With this, one one can test, take client feedback, improve the product through iteration and design a superior product that is user-friendly and feature-rich.


Multi-platform Application Development

Our app developers help build Comprehensive multi-platform apps that are compatible across devices. These help Scale up your business manifold.


Server Side API Integration

We extend the functionalities of serverless applications using our server-sided API integration services.To Facilitate communication between the server and mobile interface, our developers can build a server for application and back-end for API.


QA and Testing

Our adept React Native developers provide unparalleled QA and testing services to clients world-wide.


Maintenance and Support

Development does not stop after app deployment. Smooth functioning of the app needs constant monitoring and maintenance. We offer uninterrupted maintenance services and support to our clients.

We also Expertise with other mobile app technology

Why Choose developers from Crescentek


10+ Years of Industry Experience

Team Crescentek has been in this business for the last 10 years and has successfully launched numerous e-commerce websites for clients across 32+countries


Direct Involvement Of The Owner

You need not wait for days to get your work done where multiple levels of approvals are required. Get in touch with the owners directly and get the desired approvals. That’s how we deliver projects dot on time.


Competitive Pricing

Since we intend to cater to all kinds of businesses, our rates are very competitive and have been fixed keeping in mind the requirement and comfort zone of our esteemed clients. Our endeavor is to make ourselves available for all.


Regular Communication and Transparent Delivery Schedule

Our developers are constantly in touch with clients.This way the clients are aware of how and what is going on with their app development process and when they can expect a delivery. We believe in keeping things absolutely transparent.


Easy Migration

Our experienced developers are adept in migrating apps developed on different platforms to React JS keeping in mind the desired features and functionality. All our migrations have been successful without hampering the overall productivity of the app.


Hassle Free Experience

After the initial round of detailed discussions with the client, the dedicated developers take charge of the entire project and ensure that the client’s experience is a hassle-free one. Just let us know your requirement and be ready for a seamless experience.


18/7 Client Support ( Across time zone)

Since we cater to clients from across the globe, we ensure that none of our client's experience hiccups in the functioning of their websites. We are available 18/7 to ease any kind of problems faced by our clients.


Hire dedicated developers at hourly rates starting at just $16/hr. We will sign NDA and maintain confidentiality.

Save 30%


Save upto 30% on developmental cost since you don’t need to hire in-house. Hire expert developers and get 160 hrs/month of development services.

Fixed cost project

Our developers will assess the project requirements and let you know the time that will be required to make the project live. A fixed cost can be suggested for such projects.

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