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Avail the expertise of our PHP developers and leverage their experience of working on multiple projects across industries. Hire them as Full timers, Part-timers, on Hourly basis or Fixed cost project basis and manage them as your own remote team.

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  • Laravel
  • Yii
  • Cake PHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Symfony
  • FuelPHP


  • MySql
  • MongoDB
  • Postgre SQL
  • MS SQL


  • Nginx
  • Apache
  • IIS

Best practices followed by our PHP Developers

As a renowned PHP development company, Crescentek pays great attention to following the best practices of the language:

  • Latest version of PHP should be used
  • Proper documentation of code
  • Maintain proper coding standards
  • Secured web server
  • Passwords not to be stored using reversible encryption
  • Cookies should not be relied for security
  • Access to sensitive files to be restricted
  • Use SSL/TLS
  • Security audits to be performed at regular intervals.

Explore the expertise of our developers in providing world-class PHP development services


PHP Application Development

Hire PHP development services from Crescentek to develop contemporary, customized, multi-functional, and API-driven web applications to scale up your business.


Website Development

We build feature-rich websites to cater to your needs using PHP-based CMSs like Drupal and WordPress or build customized websites from the scratch using frameworks like Zend, CodeIgniter, Laravel, etc.


E-commerce Solutions

Team Crescentek, a PHP web development company, is well aware of the right set of technologies that enables building world-class technologies. Our developers can create the right E-Commerce portal to cater to your business needs.


API Integration

We at Crescentek, PHP development Agency, integrate private, public or internal APIs with the PHP platform so that you can experience a seamless performance.


Maintenance Services

PHP developers from Crescentek are updated with the latest trends in various technologies and are readily available for any kind of maintenance or upgradation services. They ensure fast and efficient services at all times.


Cloud Solutions

We help you use various PHP tools to build Cloud solutions. These can be deployed, managed, and scaled as per the business requirements.


Porting and Migration Services

Our developers help you seamlessly port and migrate from .Net, Python, or Java, etc to PHP without many hassles. We provide cost-effective solutions.


PHP Upgradation

We help you upgrade your PHP application or website by keeping it absolutely abreast with the latest trends and technologies that will best suit the business’s scaling requirements.

Here's why Crescentek’s PHP developers are the best


Technical Expertise

Hire our experienced PHP developers and be rest assured of unparalleled expertise to cater to the project needs by overcoming all the challenges.


Dedicated Work Force

When you have a team of highly experienced dedicated professionals at your disposal, you can be rest assured of world-class services, faster TAT, minimal errors, and cost-effective services.


Direct Involvement Of The Owner

You need not wait for days to get your work done where multiple levels of approvals are required. Get in touch with the owners directly and get the desired approvals. That’s how we deliver projects dot on time.


Source Code Ownership

PHP developers from Crescentek, Laravel development agency, write custom codes by leveraging open-source software for PHP coding. These source codes are then handed over to the owner once the project is completed. Codes written are clean and easy to understand.


Competitive Pricing

Since we intend to cater to all kinds of businesses, our rates are very competitive and have been fixed keeping in mind the requirement and comfort zone of our esteemed clients. Our endeavor is to make ourselves available to all.


Regular Communication and Transparent Delivery Schedule

Our developers are constantly in touch with clients updating them about the progress made. This way the clients are aware of how and what is going on with their online store and when they can expect delivery.


18/7 Client Support ( Across time zone)

Since we cater to clients from across the globe, we, a Laravel development company ensure that none of our clients experience hiccups in the functioning of their websites. We are available 18/7 to ease any kind of problems faced by our clients.


Zero Overhead Expenses:

When you hire your dedicated team of PHP developers from us, you just need to fulfill your work commitments. You don’t need to pay any Bonus, Medical allowance, Insurance, or any other legal liabilities. We take care of all of them and you are free from all these hassles.


Low Attrition

All our developers are highly experienced professionals and have been with us for more than 5 years. Their dedication is unparalleled. We take good care of our employees so be rest assured that there will be very less attrition. You will not be left in the lurch amidst an ongoing project.


50% Cost Reduction

Time and again statistics have shown that hiring Pre-vetted developers significantly reduces the cost of the company along with the hassles that come along with it. Expect no less than a 50% cost reduction.

Dedicated Hiring

You can hire dedicated resources to work solely on your projects. We recommend you to use this model when you want your work done in the discussed time frame.

Save Extra 50%

Hourly Hiring

Hire experienced professionals on an hourly basis. One can choose multiple resources as per the project's requirement and pay only for the number of hours worked.

Fixed Price

Our PHP developers are highly capable and can suggest a suitable time frame required to complete the project, based on their understanding of the full requirement. These projects can be opted as “Fixed Price Projects”.

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