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Mobile Only Designing – Simple Websites with a Mobile-Only Mentality

It’s easy to get steamrolled by rivals if you fail to realise the significance of a mobile-only strategy. One must adopt the respective tactic to stay relevant in the digital world. At Crescentek, we help multinationals and SMEs to design mobile-only (MO) websites. The motive is to let them interact with their users effectively and abide by Google’s law to rank high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Glancing at the current statistics, it is evident that about 60% of users mostly spend their time online, either on mobile browsers or apps. The majority count among them are millennials, the most targeted groups for enterprises. After checking the figures, you can estimate how mobile devices have emerged as a vital source of buying decisions.

Going by the trend, don’t you think designing a MO website is crucial? But again, you may question why to choose it over Responsive Web Design (RWD), when both are ideal approaches to construct mobile-friendly sites. Crescrentek tells you why and offers you reasons to pick the prior over the latter: -

  • MO is budget-friendly. It takes little effort to apply a lightweight and independent theme to a prevailing site than work on it again. Also, the risks of hard-to-find bugs in MO designing are low.

  • MO web design is easy to refer to for necessary details. Our designers usually enrich it with swipe screens and large tap targets for mobile users on the go. Lightning-fast download speed is another feature that makes things easy.

  • Google prioritises mobile optimisation irrespective of approach.

  • MO design offers a better user experience by cutting down the content to bare necessities. Unlike an RWD, it never downloads 100% of desktop content to hide 50% of it.

  • Your rivals have dedicated a site only for mobile users, and you need to follow suit to stay current.

What to expect from our mobile-only designing solutions?

  • An intuitive experience

  • Minimal design

  • Vertical-based platform

  • Quick share functions for social media

  • High-end built-in functionality

  • Enticing designs to steal the spotlight

Abandon The Desktop Mindset & Thrive with a Mobile-Only Design. Contact Crescentek!

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