Native Android Development

Affordable Cross-Platform Android Mobile Apps That Expose Your Business to the Largest Customer Pool and Maximum ROI.

With Crescentek’s custom android mobile app development services, entrepreneurs can align their business with the world’s bestselling Operating System at an affordable development cost while adding higher value and quality to new ideas and innovations.

Our Android mobile app developers are experts in the APK, SDK, NDK and programming languages such as Kotlin, Java, C and C++, to create feature-rich, dynamic cross-platform android mobile applications to reach out to a massive customer pool across all kinds of devices.

What Is Special About Android Mobile App Development

With an 80% market share, Android is the best-selling operating system having the largest installed base in the world. Android applications are created using open source code from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which is both free and simple to use. As a result, android mobile apps are less expensive and more sustainable for rapid development. Investors may focus on promoting, optimising, and upgrading the application without worrying much about the cost or facing much complexity in the process.

Custom Native Android Development with Crescentek

Bridging the Gap Between Design and Innovation with Simplified Technology

We are experts in delivering custom Android mobile app development solutions that are most useful for new ideas, innovations, and out-of-the-box norms. Based in the UK, we have worked with several startups, SMBs, and individual projects across the world, that have grown into highly successful brands today. And this is what we are offering our future clients as well.

  • Custom Android Application Development

  • UX/UI Design Strategising for Pre-Published and New Apps

  • Android Application Migration to and from New Platforms

  • Tech Support for Android Application Development

  • QA and Testing for Native Android Apps

  • Deployment for Android Applications and publishing it at Play Store

  • Post-deployment management/maintenance for Android Apps

  • Application Marketing

Whether you want to optimise a published application, or build something from scratch, get dedicated management services to strut up to your project to make the best of your Android Apps!

Get Started with Your Android Mobile App with Crescentek

At Crescentek our objective is not only to impart technological brilliance but also to provide an end-to-end solution stack for our clients with the important resources they need to retain a growing and diverse customer base and scale their business to new heights. Talk to us about your project, leverage the know-how of industry experts to make conscious, cost-effective decisions that ring true for the “low investment and higher returns” epitome for Android Apps.

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