NoSQL Development

NoSQL Development – Tap into the Potentials of Outstanding Database Solutions

Companies have to work with a massive volume of data for real-time web applications. NoSQL, alternatively non-SQL, a popular database, makes it a cakewalk by minimising the response time while fetching data. Unlike relational databases, it’s more flexible and makes operations faster in an organisation. The widely used databases in NoSQL are Redis, Amazon DynamoDB, HBase, MongoDB and Cassandra.

At Crescentek, we are a talented pool of database administrators sharing expertise in NoSQL. We help aspiring clients accomplish their tasks through NoSQL-focused services. We do not just leverage this technology for their best interests but also assist them in choosing between the different databases for their applications.

Expect the following under our NoSQL development services: -

  • Database consulting

  • NoSQL MongoDB development

  • NoSQL DynamoDB development

  • Database modelling and designing

  • NoSQL database backup and restoration

  • NoSQL database maintenance and support

NoSQL finds applications in different industry verticals – marketing, advertising, retail, eCommerce, media, entertainment and gaming. Reach out to us irrespective of background and enjoy the professional services expected of an experienced company.

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