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Are you not surprised when your website fails to adjust to various devices, resolutions and screen sizes? Most often, it’s chiefly due to the unresponsiveness of your website. Trust us, running different code bases to operate a website on various devices and resolutions can be exhausting. It’s undesirable too!

Statistics reveal that 73.1% (GoodFirms, 2021) of professional website designers abandon a site due to its unresponsiveness. Do you now realise why responsive designing solutions are indispensable for smartening website operations?

Spare a few moments to check the current statistics: -

  • 54.4% of website traffic originates from mobile (Statista, 2021)

  • 38% are ready to stop engaging with a site, having an unappealing layout or content (SWEOR, 2022)

  • 47% of website visitors are willing to wait for a maximum of 2 seconds for it to load (SWEOR, 2022)

  • 75% users base their purchase decision from a company on its website design (SWEOR, 2022)

  • 8 out of 10 website visitors are ready to call it quits if the content fails to display on their devices (SWEOR, 2022)

Even the giant search engine or Google favours responsive websites during ranking. This fact, along with the website statistics, is a reality check for you to realise that your business cannot function without a responsive website.

Not sure if yours is responsive? Reach out to Crescentek and let us investigate on your behalf! We are a top-rated web designing company with several years of experience. We have been accelerating the growth of SMEs and big brands in the market through fast-loading, navigable, customised and user-friendly websites ever since we incorporated.

It’s your turn now to migrate to a responsive design pattern, coveted by not just Google but everyone out there!

Under responsive web design services, we provide the following solutions: -

  • Website consulting to those planning a responsive design

  • Development of responsive UI for all types of devices

  • Migration of websites to responsive layouts

Watch your revenues skyrocket under the stewardship of qualified web designers at Crescentek!

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