Ever Thought Your Smartphone Camera Could Interact With You??

I am sure nobody could have ever imagined that our very own smartphone camera could interact with us? Well, this time you can actually expect your camera’s viewfinder to identify an object. Intelligent Cameras Will Now Let You Take Automatic Actions!! Thanks to Google’s CEO- Sundar Pichai for announcing this new technology! He is calling it as Google Lens and this proclaim has raised a few eyebrows in the industry.

Google Lens

The Conference

Google I/O developer conference was held a few days back (May 15-17, 2017). During the conference, CEO Sundar Pichai caused excitement among the crowd by announcing the wonderful things that your camera would now be able to do. With smartphones he announced, cameras would now understand what you see and assist you in taking action.

Let us now spill the beans in the following discussions and not keep you in the dark anymore.

Startling Demonstrations

As the conference went on, demos started and the audience got awestruck as they learnt that Google Lens would now be able to identify even a flower that a user is preparing to shoot.


In the coming days, you can connect with your home’s Wi-Fi network by simply taking a snap of the sticker provided on the router that you use. Just imagine how easy it would be! With Google Lens, it is very much possible and as you do it, an option would appear allowing you to connect automatically, at the tap of a button.


How about your phone’s camera flashing a business’s name, listing information and rating, merely by taking a snap of its storefront? Yes, that is possible too, with Google Lens at your fingertips.


Not only this, Google Lens has now joined hands with Google Assistant. Isn’t it great? With this, now your data processing job will no longer be tenuous. Launching of Lens will now mean the ease of inserting a picture into Assistant app conversation and extracting data from it for processing.

Google’s Scott Huffman demonstrated this amazing feature by holding up his camera before a concert marquee. It was a Stone Foxes show and guess what Google Assistant did. It pulled out every information on ticket sales right in front of him!

Lens is not only limited to all of this. It is an expert in other activities too. For instance, take the case of translations. Huffman demonstrated it during the conference by holding up the camera in front of a Japanese sign. As he tapped the Lens icon and asked Google Assistant about it, there was an immediate translation of the Japanese text.

With smartphones taking over the crowd, the world will now witness smart cameras that are ready to help you through its computing capabilities.



It is still unknown as to when Google Lens would be available to all. The company is still mum on it. However, keep your fingers crossed, because it will be arriving soon.