Start Content Marketing in a Planned Way

Whatever people might say, Content Marketing isn’t as difficult as you may think, provided you go ahead in a planned way. Since content marketing starts with CONTENT, you need to concentrate on this first. Unless your content is unique, original and bears the stamp of high quality, your content marketing efforts will go in vain. You can Google search ‘How to create quality Content’ or do extensive research on the subject through the internet to get the desired content. However, here are a few tips that may help you achieve success in content marketing.

 Start Content Marketing in a Planned Way

Hire brand journalists

Brand Journalists or Corporate Reporters that work within a company, writing and creating blog posts, videos, e-books, podcasts, webinars, graphs and sundry other informative material in a story form that revolve round product or services and  can be effectively marketed among target audience. They may also tell stories about brands that have turned into household names and are quite popular among kids too. In other words, these people would add a touch of creative journalism in otherwise bland copy defining features.


Be bold

Tell the truth about the company, feature people in flesh and blood, express genuine emotions and identify yourself with the product or services in such a way that the content will look more like a living image than a marketing copy. Also, it should represent the product as it exists in the material world – maybe with a line or two on how it may not suit certain type of people. This boldness, truthfulness and matter of fact representation will create confidence among the audience.


Use genuine data

Data, even in raw form will earn you immediate credibility. More data you put in your content, better becomes the foundation of your story.  You may wish to share your ideas and views about a product or services, but you can not add value to those unless you provide data along with it. Remember, data is vital for your content, especially one made for marketing.


Cite the source

You need to give credit where credit is due. When you cite source, even unbelievable statements sound forceful and compelling. Besides, it is ethical too to acknowledge the source. If, for instance, you intend to use an infographic from some other organization or comp;any, you can always cite the source and link to it. Even ideas or themes that you have borrowed from someone to create your content should be accredited in some form or other (such as By courtesy).

Also, know the difference between ‘On record’, ‘As reported’, ‘Reportedly’ and ‘Newspaper Story’. For newspaper journalists, each of these carries different sense. A car crash may have caused several deaths, but a newspaper man reporting such an incident, for the sake of authenticity, will say, ‘At least two people succumbed to their injury in a car crash in lower Manhattan yesterday.’ Nevertheless, you can also imbibe the same style when creating content for any product or services.


Check spelling

Check your spelling and grammar too. Even serious and authentic writers often suffer from these issues, while the  results can prove devastating for the reader. For instance, the words ‘Should’ and ‘Shouldn’t’ will alter the sense in a sentence incorporated in a content to be considered in content marketing. Legendary author Mark Twain had once remarked that unintended deletion of the word “Not” in a health related book may change the life of the reader. Check it out yourself, if you do not believe me.