How To Strengthen Your SEO Strategy Right Away

Have you ever wondered how content marketing often plays the role o f a matchmaker by way of helping eligible businesses find and engage with most sought-after consumers; I mean those who have an active interest in what the businesses have to offer? Well, if you do so now, you will be rewarded with innumerable examples that are easy to locate. What’s more, it is such a potent driver of awareness, search proves to be the primary contributing factor to how successful your content will be towards attracting qualified leads.



Why wait for the search engine?

True; it is not always fully clear as to how or when Google’s search bots will crawl and index your content, or how its search algorithm will determine the ranking, but that does not mean that under such circumstances content marketers would lounge and hang around till Google passes the judgment on whether the work merits a first-page listing on the SERP. Instead, you may opt for taking plenty of SEO actions to hype your content’s value before your target audience, provided you have the appropriate strategies in place. Meanwhile, consider the following issues.

Concentrate on the query – Each visitor your content obtains through search has a purpose – to look for something. In order to find it, one of the three following key phrases was used

• Informational: Phrases that signify that they had questions and were asking for answers
• Navigational: Phrases that could help searchers find the easiest path to a specific brand or experience they had acknowledged.
• Transactional: Phrases that signified that they indented to make a purchase immediately or later

Incidentally, most Content Marketers’ prime SEO potential involves optimizing pages to rank better for Informational key phrases since these searchers aren’t usually looking to achieve a quick task such as finding a brand’s page or purchasing an item right away and so move on. Evidently, these are likely to enter your sales funnel and turn into viable leads on discovering the value offered.


What makes a site relevant to Google?

While its algorithm is known to account for a wide array of inputs, inbound links to the website are considered to be the most crucial ranking factors (both quality and quantity) and so are discussed below.

  • Quantity of links: Goggle often considers the number of backlinks your content has received as compared to receiving votes in a popular election. In other words, the more you get, the more credible and commendable your content will be, with a natural corollary that its potential to deliver the value that visitors are looking for will be greater.

  • Quality of links: Agreed that quantity matters a lot, but it’s the quality of the links that actually impacts your content’s power to move up in the search rankings for due informational key phrases. To be more precise, you are not required to need SEO to get lots of links to your domain but to attract links for credible authoritative pages that have already grossed the respect of Google’s rank-bots.


Key factors that affect potential ranking

Prior to figuring out the ideal place to kick start your optimization skills, you might as well try to understand a couple of key factors that are likely to affect your potential ranking. The first of these evidently is your level of authenticity. This will provide an approximation of how surely you are to rank for a term, obviously based on how credible the site might seem in the eyes of a search engine.

Google previously used to indicate the authority of website pages through PageRank. Though this method is no longer in practice, there are other sources that may be tapped to gauge a content’s ranking strength for a given key phrase. Domain Authority is considered to be one of those proxy metrics created by Moz (

Incidentally, Domain Authority (DA) is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

To help Domain Authority calculations approximate actual ranking positions, you need to employ machine learning against Google’s algorithm to best model how their search engine results are generated.


To be honest about it, there is no hard and fast rule to strengthen SEO strategy; however, there are practices that often help achieve the result. This post is merely an indication towards reaching that goal.