How to Refurbish Your Website Design

Website can be a daunting experience both in terms of money and time, refurbishing the design is comparatively cheaper and simpler if you pay adequate attention to the following issues.

How to refurbish Your Website Design



Identify your goals once againEven though you might have had some preliminary vision of your target audience, it may undergo drastic changes as you continue to expand your business. For instance, if you had been dealing in automobile spare parts, you can also add aftermarket gadgets that sells pretty well now-a-day. These include LED lamp kits that instantly brightens all the car lamps like never before or Smartphone Remote Start Button with which you can start your car and keep it warm on a cold December dawn, even before you board the vehicle.


Edit the contentTo make the content more appealing, you need not have to change all the text, changing the approach will make the difference. For instance, if you are selling laptops, you might as well add a few paragraphs on how conveniently a laptop can be used by a person while on a flight or why a laptop is so essential for professionals, including paramedics. Also, realign the CTA to make it more prominent.


Integrate social media on your website – Sad to say, while most brands invest so much time and effort into social media integration of their initiatives, few think of showcasing the business’s social savvy – the website. For instance, you can make your content shareable with social Share Buttons. Apart from increasing the awareness of your content, they will also improve the UX. However, make sure that social share buttons appear at the top, bottom or along the side of your page.


Improve your website’s visual appealexperience must have told you that our society is fast moving toward more visual form of communication. Maybe , body language will replace text in not too distant future and sign language will hold good for many applications. Meanwhile, if you take a closer look at Facebook posts, you are sure to observe that posts with pictures get 41 percent more interaction than those without them. So, tell a story about your product or services with pictures. Sometimes, exptic pictures catch the eye more quickly than regular ones. For instance, if you are selling shoes, provide a picture of Gangbuster Boot made by Antonio Sanchez.


Give emphasis on Testimonials because a favorable report or expression on the quality of your product oir services will go a long way towards closing a deal. Alternatively, display your best product on your pages. These will make website visitors feel more comfortable contacting you and at the same time become assured of your reputation and status in the trade.


Keep communicating because communication is the underpinning of an effective website. What’s more, it is crucial for positive UX, while proving positive for the website owner. Regardless of whether a website  is an ecommerce site, a blog, a portfolio website, an information website or even a government website, there is need for effective communication with visitors.