Instagram Threads: A Friendly Rival to Twitter Makes a Splash in the News


The social media scene is all stirred up. The new kid on the block – Instagram Threads is generating a buzz. Mark Zuckerberg describes it as a friendly rival to Twitter, a free social networking site acquired by Elon Musk last October. Presently, the text-based conversation app is not bigger than Twitter but according to the Meta founder, it’s soon going to be. The fact that it has garnered ten million users within seven hours of its launch is evidence in itself.
So, what makes it a social media sensation? Is it truly a rival to Twitter? Let’s find out from the upcoming discussions.

What is Threads?

Instagram launched a new app that focuses on conversations instead of visual content. That’s Threads where users can participate in public discussions and share text updates as per their convenience. It’s a spin-off app that resembles the comment section of Instagram but is loaded with features of Twitter. So, you can reply and re-share posts as and when you like.

Features of Threads an Instagram App

A closer look at Instagram’s Twitter competitor Threads reveals the following features:

  • A typical feed comprises threads posted by other users or followers and recommended content
  • There are 500 characters in total
  • Posts can include links, videos of at most 5 minutes in duration and photos
  • A post created on Threads can be shared on Instagram story
  • Posts can also be shared as links on other platforms
  • It entrusts users with the right to control who can reply to their posts, and mention them on Threads
  • Users on Threads can block, report, unfollow and restrict a profile
  • Blocking an account on Instagram will apply to Threads as well

Now that you have a fair bit of an idea about this rival to Twitter, let’s move over to their comparison.

Threads, Instagram’s New Update Versus Twitter

Here is a comparison between Threads and Twitter for you to recognise one from the others:

Factors Threads Twitter
Who owns it? Mark Zuckerberg Elon Musk
When was it launched? 2023 2006
How many users it has currently? Over 30 million  [Source: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg] Over 250 million [Source: The Guardian]
In which countries is it available? Globally except EU Except for China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia, the world over
What is the character limit of posts? 500 280 (for free accounts)
What is the video limit? 5 minutes 2 minutes 20 seconds
Is the save draft feature available? No Yes
Are there adverts? No Yes

Momentarily, Instagram Threads has a long way to go. It is a minimalist app with limited features. Twitter is far more sophisticated with a search function to be utilised for exploring trending tweets and topics. However, the former only allows users to search for people and follow them. There is no facility to send posts directly to followers as on Instagram.
Some users have also expressed dissatisfaction regarding their Threads profile stating that once installed, it cannot be deleted without deleting their Instagram account. Team Instagram says while they are working on the issue, in the meantime, users can deactivate their Threads profile at any time without deactivating their Instagram account.
A few competitors of Threads and even several app development agencies have raised serious concerns that Meta’s new app seeks a long list of permissions to grant users access. This includes financial and sensitive information from users.
However, app developers feel the feed is slick and easy to read. To conclude, Threads is yet to evolve, and who knows, it may give tough competition to Twitter later!

So, How to Sign up for Instagram Threads, the Hottest Contender in Twitter Ecosystem?

One of the biggest advantages Meta’s new app enjoys over others is the sign-up process. It’s incredibly simple for Instagram users as it taps into the existing user base instead of starting from scratch. Save time by skipping the personal detail section and transferring the information shared on Instagram, including your bio to your Threads profile.

Available in the app store, the app appears by the name ‘Threads, an Instagram app’. Beware of namesakes! All you need to do is click on it and download, launch, tap on ‘login with Instagram’ assuming you already have an Instagram account and hit ‘import from Instagram’ to experience the new alternative. As you sign up, you will be allotted an ID based on your rank. You can spot it as a badge right beneath your name.

Ride the Wave of the Newest Trends with Threads – Join Today!

Love Instagram? Threads is no different, but an upgrade over it as it expands what Instagram does best to text. Sign up for this app to express your ideas freely within a positive and creative space. Follow and connect with people with similar interests and immerse yourself in the latest trend that is taking over everything. Big shots like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Gordon Ramsay have already joined within a couple of hours of its launch. When are you?