Is it True That Microsoft’s Bing is Gaining Ground on Google in Search Market?

To be precise, the answer is both yes and no. Even though Google still controls something like three-quarters of the entire US search market, signs are evident that this supremacy may soon turn into hearsay. As a matter of fact, Bing is already banking on sustained growth in the search market all through 2011 and 2012 while Microsoft rightly believes that users are gradually shifting their trust from Google to Bing, a much younger SE.

As a reflection of this growing trend, Bing captured 14.32% of the search market, while Yahoo Search (powered by Bing) claimed another 15.69%. Meanwhile, Google went down 3%, falling below 65%, a record low for the search leviathan.

However, for authenticity of records, we might as well take a quick look at figures provided by Experian® Hitwise®, a division of Experian Marketing Services (Leading online competitive intelligence service) which is given below. In fact, there are two separate tables – one displaying he percentage of US searches among leading online SEO service providers and another showing the success rate among those. By studying the contents of both the tables, the reader will immediately be able to assess which way the wind is blowing.



Needless to say, the above tables are indicative of what lies in store for Google in the near future, unless the search giant comes up again with a groundbreaking phenomenon such as the PageRank® system that had once revolutionized the search world.

However, we must not forget in this context that the secret behind Bing’s big win in the search market has evolved mostly through mobile search where this little master has poured all its resources to purchase a hold.

However, the writings on the wall still say: “Bing gains market share, but not gaining on Google” while insiders say “They can not beat Google in Desktop Search”.