Why Large Corporations Also Need SEO?

Running a business, be it a one-man show startup or a large corporation is identical to Tight Rope Walking. Either you go forward or run backward. But you can never stop, because the moment you do that, you would fall down. In other words, what businesses need most is growth – big and small alike. If you think that growth for a big corporation is no problem at all, it is achieved automatically – you are wrong. Growth is dependant on so many factors, so many strategies and above all so many actions that it often becomes difficult for the directors of a large corporation to explore the issues and come to a decision. But this where a well organized SEO company can come to help since these companies keep constant touch with market changes and so can guide their clients with the right approach.

According to studies carried out last year (2012), more than half of all retail sales in the United States were influenced or conducted through the web. Also, 78% of B2B prospects start by searching the web. So, big companies or corporations that have multiple ranges of products need to keep their websites thoroughly optimized to reap the harvest. Nevertheless, handling so many keywords may prove to be tough job for any SEO unless it is also a fairly well organized company with multiple resources.

Reasons That Large Corporations, Too Can Benefit From SEO

Among other issues, Growth proves to be one major issue for which large corporations need SEO. Admittedly, a large Corporation already has a ranking on Google SERP, but ranking a few positions higher can make all the difference (between 42% and 11.9%). Now, a thoroughly resourceful SEO can accomplish this merely by taking the following steps.


Even though ranking as No.2 or No.3 is something to write home about, No.1 will surpass all. According to Google, 42% of its users click on the No.1 position, while a mere 11.9% click on No.2. That boils down to 5 times more clicks, which translates to 5 times more growth.


A large Corporation obviously faces larger competition, which employs a foxy SEO to outsell the leviathan in most online deals. Now, what happens when the sleeping lion wakes up under the tutelage of a foxier SEO to take back its share of business? Benefits galore!

Actual Growth 

An effective SEO indeed can help a large corporation grow as it gets more clicks by routing competition to a great extent. Moreover, it can leverage fullest facilities of the social service platforms to lead the corporate client through social channels where the opportunities are limitless.


True, a large corporate business house may benefit from a reliable SEO Company but the effect will not show up overnight while the costs would be sky high. Say, what happens if the results prove unsatisfactory even after six long months. Misapprehension will run riot while the business has every chance to take a nose dive. Therefore, selection of an SEO for a large corporation can be risky undertaking.