Why Google Succeeded Where Other Search Engines Failed?

In order to systematically address this issue, we may have to go back a few years to fully understand the importance of link analysis that formed the backbone of Google’s unique PageRank system, the harbinger of Google’s phenomenal success. Way back in 1996, PageRank was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University as part of a research project in search of a new type of search engine.

According to Sergey, information on the web could be best assessed in the form of a hierarchy through ‘link popularity’. In other words, a page is ranked higher when there are more links to it. Incidentally, this was co-authored by Rajeev Motwani and Terry Winograd, both of whom endorsed the same view. However, the first paper about the project, defining PageRank and the preliminary prototype of the Google Search Engine was posted in 1998, thereby ushering in a new era where Google reigned supreme. In other words, it was technology that helped Google succeed where all other search engines failed.

Nevertheless, apart from the major breakthrough described above, there are also several other factors that made Google succeed where others failed as gleaned from a forum discussing the above subject and consequently displayed below.

  • Google’s algorithm started out based on College Research conducted by Larry Page and Sergey Brin into search engines. They succeeded quite simply because they came out with the best algorithm that actually worked. That plus the fact that they could use free open source Linux servers to get their business started on a shoe string.
  • To be honest about it, all other search engines such as Altavista, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc all seem to fail when we compare them with Google. Though I can not tell you any specific reason why they failed but yes, one thing which I like about Google is > its simple, plain and fast. And that’s what we need when we search …. To see our results as fast as possible – the results should be accurate & lots of results to choose from.
  • I think Google has succeeded because they offer quality services for people at that time for free like its search engine is really good as well as its Adsense that offers ways for people to gain some money .
  • I think Google has succeeded where  search engines failed because of one word: It is SIMPLE. – Nothing more than a text box and a button – and it is done!
  • Exactly; no more crap like MSN, Yahoo and all the rest. They got a load of stuff on their search pages but, Google only have a search box 7 a button.
  • Google provides what people need when they look for information online and it gives them a great satisfaction when they get what they want from Google.

Bottom line

It today dominates all other technology, no matter how realistic these are. Being deprived of information equates to living in the darkness and void. But do you do when you need information about something? No doubt, you ‘google’ it. And voila! The results appear before your eyes even before you blink them. No wonder, Google has become synonymous with information and has revolutionized the way we can access knowledge.