Responsive Website Design is the All you Need

New electronic devices are hitting the market every day, which is making internet marketing more competitive. If you want your website to survive, make it responsive now! Internet browsing through computers is a cliché concept; smart phones and tablets have taken its place already.

Now you must be thinking why responsive website is in vogue? Even a few years ago, thinking about flexible layouts for websites was considered a luxury. It used to take a few hundreds of pixels and was tough to accustom in multiple platforms. The concept of responsive web design has changed everything. Backed by fluid grid, fluid images and CSS3 media queries, it can adjust in different devices irrespective of screen size and resolution.

responsive-website-design1So, responsive website is not a marketing buzzword, but the way to take your business one step further. Some confuse it with the mobile design. However, these two are completely different concepts. A responsive website has the same domain, content and syntax, which responses to numerous view ports, whereas a mobile website is dedicated to enhance only mobile user’s experience.

As web browsing through smart phones has become a part of lifestyle, many entrepreneurs think only a mobile website would be enough to draw the viewers’ attention. But, what about those audiences, who browse through their tab? In future, if a new gadget replaces the idea of mobile browsing, and your website doesn’t fit in it, your site will be left with no viewers and a pathetic rank.

A responsive site responds to every screen size and resolution, which means no matter which new gadget become users’ heartthrob, your site is always going to look great. A mobile website only looks good in mobiles.

In the internet generation, website rank is the all you need. A responsive site is the search engine giants’ priority. As your target audiences can access your website from every electronic device they use, naturally the site’s rank increases.

The fun is responsive website design development is cheaper than mobile websites. It might sound unbelievable, but this is the fact. You can ask a few service providers, and go for the internet researches as well.

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