Predictive Analytics is our New Marketing Mantra

For present day marketers, Cyborgs (a compound word derived from cybernetics and organism) seem to be the best audience now – “screen-staring, button-clicking new version of Homo sapiens” is how renowned anthropologist Amber Case describes while commenting on what technology is changing us into. Armed with all that screen projected info, buyers have literally created a new buying backdrop where sales reps are seldom afoot.


As a natural corollary, unless we can communicate with our buyers as often as possible, how do we know that we are getting the right information? The answer equates easily with the technical turbulence of our half-human, half-machine brains – in other words, predictive analysis.


The concept of predictive analysis – the system of evaluating current data to forecast or predict a future outcome appears to be dominating the marketing world today. No algorithm could possibly compete with this.

Predictive Analytics is our new marketing mantra

Knowing who’s going to be your customer, via Hubspot’s* Predictive Lead Scoring

Let’s put it this way – you try your best to generate adequate number of leads through campaigns and lead nurturing, but of course never knowing which one is going to buy from you. In order to figure out which leads are prize prospects and which are not, you need to know what impacts most in your lead scoring and how they affect – a process as futile as trying to land a Cessna on a pitch black night sans any runway light.


However, Hubspot’s Predictive Lead Scoring provides the solution by utilizing the information your leads have provided on your website, along with behavioural data that is likely to influence a lead’s decision to buy; which may include the number of form submissions or page views. This takes away the guessing factor that may influence a lead’s conversion and their worth. Instead of all that claptrap, for you.


LinkedIn’s Fliptop Predictive Lead Scoring drives revenue faster

Fliptop also offers predictive lead scoring solution for the marketers using other marketing technology platforms like Marketo. The application helps fulfill the sales team’s demand for better leads and management’s demand for more sales – the result: faster revenue.


The process

 The Fliptop platform attaches thousands of signals from its own data cloud to each contact that has converted on your site. It produces predictive models that are optimized for your business goals – as simple as that.


Predictive Lead Scoring vs. Traditional Lead Scoring

It may, however, be more prudent if, instead of looking at it as two conflicting methodologies, we consider how they can perform concomitantly. While Traditional Scoring works wonder at highlighting a prospect’s quantum of enthusiasm in your product and readiness to talking about sales, Predictive Lead Scoring proves excellent at identifying the model candidate for buying your product.


You may also consider your traditional lead score as something like ‘activity fit’ – the lead’s activities indicate the likelihood of becoming a customer , while your predictive score as something like ‘demographic fit’ – the lead’s identity matching those of your current customers. A little analysis at this point will reveal that leads that display high levels of activity but have a low predictive score are not likely to purchase from you. On the other hand, leads with higher predictive score (irrespective of their activity score) are more likely to purchase from you.


*HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.