If You Intend to Redesign Your Website, Let Experts Handle the Issue

Website redesign often proves more strenuous than creating a new design. The issue is comparable to rebuilding a complex structure like a church or a castle where keeping the super structure intact while reinforcing the underpinnings turns into a hazardous undertaking for the builders. The same is true with redesigning a site where every attention is focused towards making the site most visible, while at the same time keeping an eye on the ranking. This is best achieved by a team of experts adroitly maintained by Crescentek who know their job only too well. However, the job is done methodically by first auditing the site to determine the areas that would need most attention, ascertaining the top keywords, URL migration, mobile optimization and many more that are outlined below.

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I. Auditing the current site is as essential as studying medical test reports of a patient undergoing major surgery. However, in the case of website redesign, it includes checking inbound link domains, keywords in terms of ranking, traffic and lead generation, pages indexed by search engines as also those that receive traffic. Analyzing these factors will enable Crescemntek technicians to identify pages that may be kept undisturbed while those that will need rebuilding, keeping an eye on the ranking.  The motto being better visibility and higher ranking

II. Developing URL migration is necessary to ensure seamless transition from the existing site to the redesigned site where ‘new’ URLs will replace the URLs of pages that are going to change as a result of redesigning. Needles to say, this is a crucial issue that needs prime attention when redesigning a website as any lassitude at this stage will affect the ranking of the site to a great extent, apart from the fact that it will confuse the user about the utilitarian value of the website. However, the job involves aligning earlier page URLs to newer ones and then 301 re-directing these when the redesigned site is finally launched. This will help preserve the rankings as also the link value of those pages.

III. Identifying important keywords is also an important issue when redesigning a website. Regardless of whatever recent Google updates may suggest in undermining the significance of keywords, it still plays a key role in matters relating to search engine optimization, which again is very much relevant to website redesign. Also, if you have an established website with appreciably good rankings and traffic, the greatest challenge involving a website redesign is meeting and/or exceeding your existing algorithms as a measure to maintain your traffic and ranking.

Even though that usually is not an easy assignment on account of a number of reasons, some of which are technical while some depend  on the understanding between the developer and the site owner’s views on crucial SEO elements involving the redesign, Crescentek team of redesign experts can handle it easily and well.

IV. Implementing Mobile Optimization is the current trend for most website redesigns. For users accessing sites in a wide variety of small screen sizes (tablets, smartphones, etc), the best answer towards effecting viewing is through responsive design.  Also, a responsive design equates to better access across different devices and optimized experience across contradictorily sized screens, a facility which is just about impossible with sites that are still stuck with time worn browser and single screen based designs.




Technology and design styles (website) change pretty fast; so does the focus of a business enterprise. In order to keep pace with the ever changing trend, it often becomes necessary to redesign a site that fails to cope with the current issues, such as implementation of responsive design or revitalizing content – issues that involve sizeable investments. If cost saving matters most in this issue, let Crescentek handle it appropriately – you will be amazed at their cost-effective properties sans compromising with the quality.