5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Windows 10 Today

A lot of hype has been going around about the newest version of Windows for quite some time now. Last year, Microsoft developed a mechanism since July 2015 with which one could book ahead for the update. There are many ways in which the Windows 10 is an improvement over its predecessors such as the Windows 8 and 8.1 respectively. Here are some of the reasons why you should considering doing the update.

 5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Windows 10 Today

Get a speed boost

This is easily the most important advantage of the latest windows version, in which is improves over the previous ones by a large margin. Windows 8.1 has been seen in some cases to be faster in booting than a Mac machine. If something gives you an even better speed, then you can safely assume how useful that will be. This will be welcome news for avid gamers, who need higher speeds and faster start-ups, thanks to its powerful DirectX-12.


Return to the Start

In Windows 10, you will be seeing something that has been absent in the previous versions, but which was sorely missed. The Start Menu was not seen from the moment Windows 8 arrived. Back then, many of the well-known think tanks of the international arena argued that the Start Menu was consuming a lot of space and could be simplified or compressed. What came after that was the Start screen. However, there were several problems here as well and the developing company heard the requests of many to revert back the far better Start Menu. In the latest version, you can control this by using the touchscreen.


 Cortana at your service

Cortana is your virtual assistant similar to SIRI. We have all seen science fiction movies in which people could interact with technology by using voice command. If you have been fascinated by all that and had always wanted to give voice commands to your smart phone, then Cortana is your new (virtual) friend.  You can ask Cortana to tell you jokes, to write down notes, memos and appointments, to remind you about something when you reach a specific location, and much more. And the best thing about the VA is that it grows with you. The more you interact with you, they more Cortana shall learn about your preferences and likes. All the information gets stored in its Notebook, which can be edited by the user as well. If yours is a windows app development company, then the integration of Cortana can be your strongest USP as well.


Stronger security

Windows 8 did have adequate security features, but the latest update from the company improves on that considerably. With essential windows app development company features such as Microsoft Passport, Device Guard and Windows Hello, your PC shall be in safe virtual hands.


Game on

For the gamers, Windows 10 is a blessing. Now, they can play directly from the PC itself, use the console, and stream multiplayer games online at will.