What is Influencer Marketing and Why You Need to Practice it

Influencer marketing denotes the process of developing relationships with influential people that can lead to their supporting you in creating better visibility for your product or services and thus enhancing you ROI. However, this form of marketing relies largely on your having something really grand to offer to your potential customer, the audience of the influencer, plus on the power of your being able to build a great relationship with the influencer.

In contemporary social web, there are three major ways through which an influencer may induce a significant impact on your business:

  • By writing blog posts / articles about you
  • By sharing information about you in social media accounts
  • By asking you or permitting you to ‘guest post’ on their site

Nevertheless, an influencer can also Like or +1 your content, a process although carrying lesser impact, can prove potentially interesting, often having a different audience, for a change. But if you look at it from a diverse perspective, you are sure to find that the benefits are more than what you might have guessed in the beginning. For instance, you had 100 followers in your Twitter account that shared a piece of content, resulting in 20,000 people seeing what they shared. But what happens when the same audience is reached by one influencer? Those 20,000 connections will become far more responsive to the shared content simply because of the trust that they have on the opinions of the influencer, resulting in far more number of shares and links. What is more, since the search engines keenly calculate author authority, they would place more weight on the vote of the influencer.

Leveraging the influencer

Let us assume that as a Content Marketing fan you probably have your own blog as well as your own social media accounts. Chances are that you have already used these in tandem, making sure that you follow identical content themes and thus create a new blog post that you share on your social accounts. However, this can work more effectively if you can direct the process in the following two ways:

  • By developing relationship with key influencers with a view to making them subscribe to your blog or following in social media accounts. But for doing this you need to have a history of creating content that interest them. In this case, the payoff will occur when they prefer to link to it or share it on a social network.
  • You reach out dynamically to the influencers and get published openly before their audiences. You can achieve this by writing guest posts for them and getting the same published in their blog. But here again, a credible history can only make them consider your write up. Incidentally, the payoff here is pretty clear and takes place as soon as the content is published.


Influencing people has been a hot topic sine long. Dale Carnegie’s mass market paperback entitled “How to win Friends & Influence People” is a glaring example of this trend that occupies many human minds. But what’s novel about it concerns its use as a part of Internet Marketing strategy which can be best put to action when supported by world renowned Website Marketing Company CRESCENTEK. Call today or get in touch with us by visiting our website now.