Can Twitter Chats Help Promote Your Business?

Of course, it can if you consider using Twitter Chats as a marketing tool. Moreover, as the use of hashtags on Twitter continues to thrive well, conversations built around specific hashtags – or Twitter chats have almost become run-of-the-mill.However, presuming that you are fairly familiar with how to use Twitter chats for personal networking, let me now show you how they can also be used by brands to gain business goals.Here are the ways:

Connect with Customers and Prospects

Hosting an event, as we all know, is a great way for a business to bring its current as well as potential customer base together to engage and build a resounding relationship. But even though not all businesses can host a conference or a convention, they can always host a Twitter chat.The prime issue in regard to hosting a Twitter chat that is likely to help your business connect with current and potential customers relies on choosing a topic that echoes with your customer base. Organic Food, for example, hosts weekly Twitter chats that review the food values of genuine organic food.

Also, HubSpot (inbound marketing software platform) hosts weekly Twitter chat explains the science of inbound marketing. However, their Twitter chat goes along with weekly webinar on the same topic, which results in a formidable lead generation tool for the development of their business. As you can see, by being the host of a Twitter chat, you are going to gain plenty of new followers whenever you hold such chats. What’s more, with your chat growing in popularity, your business becomes synonymous with the Twitter chat topic and as a result you will receive recognition in your field.

Build Authority

Some businesses take the help of social media for building themselves up as authority in their respective fields. Nevertheless, you can achieve the same mastery by way of appearing as a Twitter chat guest and answer questions about your area of expertise.

But who is going to bell the cat? In other words, how do you get invited to a Twitter chat as a guest guru? The only sure fire way involves getting to know the host of the chat and tweet with him/her routinely. Staying in the forefront of the host’s mind and acting as a valuable resource in the Twitter chat is bound to lead to a guest opportunity. Also, you are going to get some business leads from others who become aware of your command in your topic, acquired in course of the chat.

Create One-on-One Correlation

As you must have appreciated by now, that by actively participating in a Twitter chat you get the opportunity of demonstrating your knowledge before your customers and colleagues. And, needless to say, the more often that you take part in a specific Twitter chat, th more correlation you create and more recognition you gain in your niche field.

As a matter of fact, each time you participate in a Twitter chat with  valued comments and suggestions, you’ll gain new followers. You’ll also generate leads for your business as people in the chat visit your profile to connect with you. However, make sure your Twitter profile is updated to help people learn more about you and your business.

Stay Informed

I am not talking about rocket science. Staying informed by attending Twitter chats in your industry as a spectator can always add to your vocational experience.Besides, as a spectator, your goal will be to find Twitter chats where other professionals and experts in your industry meet to discuss common issues. Marketing professionals, for instance, will find lots of Twitter chats with educational opportunities in the Ultimate list of Twitter marketing chats.

Promote Your Brand

When you know that a selective Twitter chat attracts your target customer base prominently, then the best thing would be to approach the host of the chat for sponsoring. Though sponsorship packages mostly depend on the Twitter chat you are looking for, here are a few options to choose from:

  • Indicating the type of your business as the sponsor for the Twitter chat while the chat is going on, as also in social updates on other channels.
  • Promoting your product or services during the twitter chat
  • Showing your business as the featured guest of the Twitter chat that permits you to work with the host on issues that help you market your product or services.
  • Advertising banners on pages/websites committed to the Twitter chat

Sponsorship Issues

Some examples of Twitter chats that offer sponsorship include #blogchat,#TGTaste,#SocialChat,#FoodieChats and #PPCchat. To locate sponsorship opportunities that are relevant to your business, search for Twitter chat sponsorship on Google.

The Sting in The Tail

Prior to deciding whether to be the guest or the host of a Twitter chat, find and observe a chat within your field so that you can know how process works best.