Conducting Website SEO Audit & its Reporting Parameters

Launching an effective search engine Marketing campaign sans an SEO Audit tantamount taking a triumphant ride in a sabotaged aircraft! So, before attempting to initiate any such campaign, please feel free to consult with us for all-round support by way of providing you with a thorough analysis of your current website in the form of an SEO Audit. You would not regret it, we may assure you.

What would you gain by getting an SEO Audit done by us?

Well, you will gain the insight through learning about the most significant factors on which the fate of your SE Marketing campaign will depend, such as:

  • How effective (or ineffective) your current website is functioning as a marketing tool.
  • How well optimized (or not) are your website pages to generate the optimum traffic to make you successful in your attempt.
  • Is your brand capable of producing the desired result? If not, how to turn it into a more effective one.

In short, our SEO Audit Service will assess the effectiveness of your current website while the recommendations contained in our SEO Audit Report and forwarded to you may either be implemented by your in-house team or by CRESCENTEK, a globally recognized SEO Company. The choice is yours.

What do we offer and Parameter we follow?

Our SEO Audit service is available in two distinct levels or Plans – (a) Budget Plan and (b) Prime Plan. As may be ascertained from the terms used, the first Plan entails the rudiments of SEO Auditing while the latter will go to more details. However, here are Plans.

Budget Plan SEO Audit that consists of 7 to 10 page Report contains the following issues:

  • Your apex keywords analysis, especially terms that most users search while looking for your products or services (or both).
  • The same relating to your competitors’ website, in addition to what you can grasp from their SEO strategy.
  • Analysis of your website’s coding / markup to figure out if your website is optimally coded for communicating information to the search engines.
  • Information and viable strategies, along with explicit examples (using your keywords) with a view to improve your search engine ranking significantly.
  • Identifying and adjusting minor website loopholes that beget bigger results.
  • Hints on how to create optimized content.
  • Best SEO practices to guide you in taking important decisions in regard to enduring website management.
  • Telephonic support (4 hours).

Prime Plan SEO Audit obviously has much more to offer. The reports generated by us in this category consist of the following issues

  • Search Engine Marketing Assessment. This is a multi-level evaluation of the efficacy of your website as a marketing engine – be it in the form of lead generation, brand extension or sales.
  • Assessment of the level of optimization. This will give a perspective of the current level of optimization of your web pages with emphasis on how best to improve upon it.
  • Keyword Assessment. It analyzes and recommends high-value keywords that need to be used in optimizing your web pages.
  • Link Assessment. This report is based on the quantity and quality of your inbound links.
  • Google Ranking. This determines the Google rankings for 10 of your high-value keywords.
  • Competitive Aptitude Assessment. This report will let you know how your website fares as against those of your competitors (top three business competitors or top competitors for 3 keywords) as also what you can learn from looking at their SEM/SEO programs and tactics.

What do these Reports contain?

Search Engine Marketing Assessment Report provides answer to the following questions:

  • Does your current website design appear congenial towards promoting coolness in conducting business with your firm?
  • Do all the navigation schemes facilitate easy movement through the site?
  • How long the visitor’s attention remains focused on your site?
  • Whether the callouts to key marketing devices are used effectively?
  • Whether the site architecture is so streamlined as to guarantee that the marketing components can function smoothly, thereby generating leads

Level of Optimization Assessment Report provides answer to the following questions:

  • Whether the high-value structural HTML markup rudiments of each page have been fully utilized in regard to:
  1. Directory and filenames
  2. Title tags
  3. Description and keyword meta tags
  4. Headers ( h1, h2, h3, etc)
  5. Initial 200 words of content copy
  6. Anchor text links to other pages
  • What is the status of your website’s underlying mark-up code? Is it free of “cruft” (According to Linux Dictionary, it is a program to look over your system for anything that should not be there, but is).
  • Whether the use of any scripting language has become compassionate or will it result in the search engine crawlers to abort.

Keyword Assessment Report identifies 10 high-value keywords to be used in the optimization of your website pages.

Link Assessment Report is a word document that answers the following questions:

  • What is the number and value of inbound links from sundry websites that link to your site?
  • Is there any hint that you are being linked from ‘link farms, i.e. pages with 100 links or above , for which you are likely to be penalized?
  • What I the current status of your internal linking?

Google Ranking Report is also a word document where CRESCENTEK will determine your present Google ranking for 10 high-value keywords. The result will serve as a primary reference point from which to compute the level of progress and development.

Competitive Aptitude Assessment Report

The Competitive Aptitude Assessment Report or Competitive Intelligence Assessment Report is also a Word document that answers the following issues:

  • How do your 10 high-value keywords (According to Google ranking) match up to the three business competitors that have been identified by you?
  • Whether their Website Grader metrics weigh against that of yours?
  • Whether there is anything to be learnt from those competitor SEM/SEO stratagems.

Conclusion: We at CRESCENTEK pledge to provide you with all out support in conducting a comprehensive SEO Audit of your website so that your Internet Marketing Campaign becomes a roaring success.