“Content is King” – Want to be a Kingmaker?

If you wish the same as title suggest, well then follow the step by step process till you master the art of content writing. Yes, content writing is also a creative art where you dedicate yourself for the betterment of your client’s online marketing strategy in a subtle yet positive way. Meanwhile, remember three things as you sit down before your keypad to plunge headlong into the content writing task. Content on a website should be informative, timely and precise.  However, here are a few tips to help you write a great content.

Prepare yourself mentally to fulfill the task – Never take content writing casually. Give a wake up call to your sublime talents and apply them to improve upon your writing skill. Once the flow starts, it will take its own course. Just put your restraints where it goes off the mark.

Choose your keywords carefully – Irrelevant or weak keywords will turn the whole issue futile. But this is also where you have to take the challenge because what you may think of as the best keyword need not necessarily be the one that a prospective customer will use when searching for a product or services. Brainstorm about keywords that are likely to appeal a customer. You can also take the help of Google Wonder Wheel which is a great place to start to compile your initial keywords for further evaluation. Alternatively, you can also try Adwords Keyword Tool to solve the problem.

Ensure the accuracy of your content because your viewers are not gullible enough to digest whatever you have written, especially if the topic happens to be contentious. Cross check facts and figures through the internet, if in doubt. Give references wherever necessary. Remember that your write up when it gets published will work as the ambassador of your client’s online enterprise. A freak or distrustful emissary will do more harm than good.

Make it simple – Hold your horses when impulse tells you to use ornamental lingo. No; internet is not the right place to showcase your skill in using metaphors. Remember that the WWW readership covers the length and breath of our lonely planet wherein there are people whose first language is not English. So, use simple meaningful words when you prepare content for web pages.

Use magnetic headlines because your headline is the first and probably the only impression you make on a prospective reader. Sans a compelling punch that can turn a browser into a reader, the rest of your backbreaking ‘copy’ might as well not even exist. In other words, each and every stroke of your compelling copy has but one purpose – to provoke the reader to go to the next sentence – till he/she reaches the Call to Action. Incidentally, studies reveal that 8 out of 10 people reads only headline copy, while 2 out of 10 read the rest!

Write original copy – Copying a ‘copy’ not only hurts the reputation of a website but also attracts penalizing clauses of Infringement of Copyright Act. Also, it becomes far more time consuming to rearrange a ‘stolen’ sentence than creating a new one. It’s simply not worth all that effort.

Write grammatically correct, SEO-friendly content for the simple reason that such contents are preferred by Google and other important search engines for their general appeal. Avoid typos, too, if you want to shine.

Conclusion: Try to follow the steps methodically and logically if you wish to be professional Content Writer or want king size content for your website. Moreover, if writing happens to be passion with you, you can turn it into a moneymaking game where you earn not by the dint of labor but with immense mental satisfaction. So, start right away.