Core New Features Of iOs 10.3 To Watch Out For Updating Your i5, i6 or i7

“The best features of the 10.3.2 iOs system support iPhone 5s to iPhone 7s and is focusing on is an optimized iCloud storage system, bug fixes and security. If you are researching the core features of the upgrade from your i7 or i5 phones, then here are the major differences you’ll get.”



1. A Better Storage Solution

If you have bought more storage space in your iCloud then here’s good news, that the unique Apple File System (APFS) is improved to reduce your storage space up to 5GB. This further improves your device’s performance. You can also have better monitoring option for your storage, in a detailed frame.

2. You Can Find Your Car And ‘AirPods’ Through Your Phone

Parked your car at a clear spot, and when you returned from the building, the place is covered with cars! You need not rush in, if you have a device with the iOs 10.3.2 OS. Your Apple Maps can find your parked car and direct you towards it with its simplistic user friendly interface. You can turn this feature on or off at your will.

Even more than the nuisance of being puzzled by the location of your car park, it is seemingly impossible to avoid losing AirPods. And numerous times have we wished we could trace it. Well, now you can with the feature of Find My AirPods added to the Find My Phone app with 10.3.2 iOs update. However, you need to keep the AirPods connected with your phone through Bluetooth.

3. Better Bug Fixes And Security

With the new 10.3.2 update you can expect a more secure system and minimize the effect of bugs.

4. Multitasked ‘Hey Siri’

With the 10.3.2 OS, ‘Siri’ can tell you cricket scores, help you pay bills, and schedule your ‘uber’ ride with advanced voice assistance as well texting.

5. iStore App Developers Can Reply To Reviewers

This is the most substantial feature finally available for app developers to address to reviewers, especially negative comments, landing them more chance to build better relationships and offer more support. Users can even review or rate answers with 3D touch operations. The features also enable users to disable popup for rating requests and in-app purchase suggestions from apps.

6. Seamless CarPlay

You can easily switch between apps in ‘CarPlay’ without coming back to the home screen. Instead, recent three apps are slotted in a sidebar at the left side of the screen. And you can just tap to switch the app.

7. Changed UI and New ID Profile

The profile section at the settings menu is changed to make the interface more and minimalistic. You can access all your apps like iTunes, iCloud, iTunes, Family Sharing and App Store all at one place, and scroll down to choose. The password section has changed a little too.


Do You Want To Upgrade Your iPhone to iOS 10.3.4?

If you are getting a system message to update your phone from an earlier version of iOS 10, then it does not mean you have to. Conclusively, the new update has some significant features, the best being that it can actually optimize your device’s performance and give you more storage space, and that you can find your AirPods with it. It is followed by the iOS 10.3.3 and 11 Updates.