Cost-effective Brand Building

Looking for cost-effective brand building technique? Why; use the Social Media to achieve your goal easily. Exploring the awesome audience of the social web equates to a surprisingly effective low-cost strategy to propel small-business brand onto the global arena. What’s more, building your brand using social media helps you develop new relationship, which in turn not only encourages brand awareness but also goes a long way towards developing loyalty, word-of-mouth merchandising and a lot of other online plus points.

Cost-effective Brand Building

However, building brand with social media entail several issues such as developing relationship, creating online objectives, locating target audience and a few more that are outlined below.

Make yourself useful to others

Contrary to traditional marketing schemes where you bombard your audience with your product promo, social media marketing takes a totally different turn. It becomes effective only when you prove yourself useful to others and have the ability to develop free relationship sans any string of authority or interest. This means listening more and talking less. It also means providing more information about what people are eager to know than how they can benefit from using your product. Agreed; it is long-term project but once you start the ball rolling, you will gain consistent organic growth through participation of large mass of public.

To make it more specific, go for 80/20 ratio. Use 80% of your efforts in posting topics of general interest, while the rest, i.e. 20% may be spent on promotional matters. If you continue your efforts in this fashion, you will eventually become successful in building your brand at a nominal cost.

Develop branded online objectives

This is considered to be the most effective step towards creating brand awareness and loyalty through social media. And to do that use free options such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others. Of course, this does not mean that you need to carry on with all of these social networking sites. Select anyone that suits you well to inundate consumers with online experiences that will allow them to measure how well they interact with the brand.

Continuity is the name of the game

One of the most crucial aspects towards accomplishing your branded online objectives is to keep on posting purposeful relevant content that will elevate and heighten your reader’s experience. Nevertheless, your mission should look toward bestowing useful information that people would love to talk about as also SHARE amongst them. Needless to say, this will give rise to more number of ways for people to locate your branded objectives, while at the same time improve your ranking.

Incidentally, there is another way of looking into it. If you own a site with 20 pages of content, there will be 20 different ways for search engines (Google) to locate your site. If, however, you decide to attach blog posts to your site and write new posts on a daily basis (365 days) for a year, there will be 365 ways for Google to locate your site and your brand. And the best part of all these is that it does not add to cost.


Align with your target audience

This is very important for brand building through social media. However, the easiest way of achieving this goal involves joining relevant online forums, writing posts, airing comments and answering questions. As soon as the audience will feel that you are there to help provide useful information for them and are staying far away from promotional procedures, they will gladly allow themselves to be led towards identifying and appreciating your brand objectives and contribute towards brand building.

Do not neglect influencers

Along with aligning with your target audience, you should also align with online influencers within those communities. However, to achieve this, you need to follow them on Twitter and when appropriate, retweet their content. Why; you may email them to introduce yourself. The primary issue is to ensure that they know you as also understand that you are capable of adding value to the online conversation. The process incidentally exposes you before their audience.