Current Trend in The IT sector in NZ

Recent studies (as of 2014-15) indicate astounding growth rate in the IT sector all over the Kiwi Country, with the number of domestic IT business going well over 10,000 since 2013. Simultaneously, more ICT businesses are expanding globally, reports signifying that exports of IT services have almost doubled since 2008. Computer services, happily enough, now account for 25 per cent of all business expenditure on research and development in the country. In other words, New Zealand is marching ahead full steam, leaving no area untapped or unexploited, as will be evident from the following paragraphs.

 Current trend in the IT sector in NZ


Since more than 87.88% of the New Zealand population is online today (as of 2015), more and more companies are adopting trendy online marketing strategies to target their customers. But lo and behold; they are no longer happy with just having a website. Similar to other developed world countries, they also want to excel in the field of online marketing through multiple methods to reach their audience.

Digital Marketing

Even small NZ business owners have now realized the importance of digital marketing. With competitors perpetually eating into their market share and potential online customers for ever looking for better products and services, digital marketing, they have found, is one of the surest ways of staying ahead. Here are some of the digital marketing strategies that NZ business owners are now implementing to help their business develop and grow.

  • Setting a Goal- Though digital marketing proves quite rewarding for small businesses in a broad sense yet it requires certain codes to abide by in order to achieve success. For instance, Most NZ business persons have realized that running reckless without setting a goal will yield no effective result. True, there are quite a lot of strategies that need to be adapted to complete the process, but unless you know what to focus on, the end result will be more bewildering than winning.


  • Creating a Marketing funnel – NZ business owners have also learnt that to be become successful with digital marketing, it is essential to have an effective marketing funnel in place. A marketing funnel, to be precise, is a system or a structure that helps track the stages consumers or customers travel through to make a buying decision. The funnel stages, from broadest to the narrowest run through different stages such as Awareness >> Consideration >> Preference >> Action >> Loyalty >> Advocacy. It could probably be compared to the fractional Column in distilling crude oil, where each stage produces different products – the top containing gasoline or petrol while the bottom is filled up with bitumen. However, this does not involve any action whatsoever like the marketing funnel.



As earlier said, NZ business owners are no more happy with owning a website and sitting tight over the informational adornment. They are bent upon optimizing its effectiveness in order to improve its visibility to attract more number of visitors by way of employing Search Engine Optimization agencies in their respective fields. However, the most encouraging part of the whole story is that the number of SEO agencies in New Zealand now is simply enormous.



Most NZ small business owners have also realized the value SEM or Search Engine Marketing while promoting their website on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page. Even though it involves regular search engine optimization process, SEM is more associated with PPC or Pay-per-Click marketing. Some of the renowned SEM providers include Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter.


Video Marketing

The increasing popularity of using video platforms by NZ small business owners reflect their love for indulging in contemporary marketing method to a great extent. In short, video marketing is now the in thing with most of them. Creative videos prove to have widespread upbeat impacts on any company, especially when these ‘go viral’.


Social Media

You may be utterly wrong if you think NZ small business owners have missed the significance of using Social media towards reaching, building and conversing with their customer base. No; they certainly aren’t. These little giants are now standing almost on their tip toes to tarry with social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, etc towards developing their business.



The current trend in the IT sector in New Zealand is most encouraging. While business houses, regardless of big or small are now online, SEO agencies have also become prolific and are busy developing their clients’ sites in no uncertain way.