Digital marketing strategies you can not afford to ignore

Gone are the days when companies commanded consumers about their brands. With the digital marketing shift taking grips today, consumers are now telling companies how to make their products more user-friendly. Marketers today are in fact going through a crucial customer/company transmogrification stage where UX seems to be last word.

This shift, needless to say, will make business more customer-centric. What’s more, they need to understand their customers more, identify with their requirements and, if possible, be able to read their mind as to their inclinations and pursuits. But at the same time, they also need to adopt digital marketing strategies outlined below to  help create more customer-centric experience.


Digital marketing strategies

Content Marketing strategy

When we talk of content marketing and relationship, we obviously mean our customers. However, you can not improve your relationship with your customers by bombarding them with tons of purposeless content. Instead manage your message by creating relevant content to the appropriate audience, at the appropriate time, across appropriate channels.

However, customer relationships may be considered as the keystone of content marketing; more so when businesses partner with their customers, creating useful content. While customers provide businesses with feedbacks indicating their needs, the latter endeavors to publish content that meets their needs.

Nevertheless, content also needs to be authentic and truthful. Today’s consumer is quite knowledgeable about whatever is happening around his/her near periphery. Misinformation in content can have devastating effect which is not reversible and so will herald the swan song for the creator. So, be careful while sourcing your information. Information technology, to be precise, does not spare anybody who dares to dapple with the core material.


Social Marketing Strategy

In order to make your social media marketing successful, you need to fix your business goals and objectives, which in turn will help you better connect with your customers. But goals must be realistic, measureable and achievable. Of course, some goals could be personalized, but there are others that include increased brand awareness, customer retaining tactics and reducing marketing costs.

Also, goals may not prove effective unless you have specific parameters that determine when one has been achieved. For instance, if one of your principal goals entails providing health related software for GPs, you need to set the number of software that you should produce per week or per moth.  In other words, you need to make your objective measurable too.


Search Marketing strategy

Beware; search engines are becoming more human now! They are being so modified as to answer questions in colloquial language, going deep into queries and answering in full detail. Also, there is an augmentation in semantic search instead of the more common keyword search.  What is more, search engines now are so advanced that they can easily figure out the searcher’s context and intent in any common query. Of course, most of these advancements have seen the light of the day due largely to Google’s Hummingbird update. However, these are found more effective in connection with mobile devices while users are mostly on the go.


Mobile Marketing strategy

This digital marketing strategy, namely Mobile marketing strategy, though crucial and timely (since mobile search has now far surpassed desktop search) has somehow found respite due to the advent of Responsive design sites. No wonder many companies are now taking a mobile-first approach in order to boost sales and improve upon their ROI. According to studies revealed recently, mobile search will outperform all other forms of search in near future.