Facebook Introduces Its Latest Interactive Feature To Woo Audiences: Facebooklive

In one considerably powerful move from Facebook, YouTube is at risk of losing its USP. Today, Facebook has announced that it shall be incorporating live stream videos, a feature called FacebookLive. Members can share such videos among themselves within a closed group, or open then uploaded videos to the public. These can thus be shared among friends, family and with the general public at large.

On Wednesday, 6 Apr 2016, Mark Zukerberg demonstrated the benefits of this feature live in front of a 118,000 + audience.

Facebooklive - Latest Interactive Feature

2 Ways of Video Sharing

According to Facebook, there are two ways to share a video. The first way to do so is through your own group. As you know, a Group is a collection of people online whom you regularly interact. Groups can include your friends, office colleagues, and even family. The best part of this is you can share live streaming videos with them! Imagine you are going on a camping trip and you want to share the beautiful vistas as you trek, live.

The second way to share videos is through the Events. This feature is ideal for sharing of videos of your special occasions such as birthdays and graduation at college. Things you want to remember forever!

A representative of the company announced, “We hope this new ability to both broadcast and watch the live video within Groups and Events enables people to connect more deeply with their closest friends, family and the communities of people who share their interests.”

Lately, Facebook has introduced exciting features such as Live Reactions and Live Filters. Live Reactions are of course the incorporation of emoticons which you can give to show your reaction to any post. The company is therefore seemingly going heavy on user personalization experience.

On the latest FacebookLive, you will not be able to post videos only, but be able to:

-give Live Reactions and comment just like any other post on the social networking site, and
-be able to search for the video’s exact location.