Factors to look for While Doing SEO Audit of a Website

Taking a joy ride on a sabotaged jet or holding your business back online? Though the equation is the same for both, there is hope for the latter. Getting your website audited can save the business from inevitable decay or death. SEO Audit, to be precise, is essential to every online business strategy since it can bring into light pitfalls and weakness that otherwise cause poor flow of traffic and reduced ROI- both equally devastating for any online trading activity.

Plus Points of a Forensic SEO Audit

Irrespective of whether you are owner of an existing website or are thinking in terms of launching a new one, intensive SEO audit provides benefits for both as it reveals numerous hidden factors that are linked to most online businesses.

SEO Audit for existing Websites

It will bring into light the following factors in respect to your website…

  • Health status of its online presence
  • Whether it is optimized at the code level or not
  • Whether it is optimized at the content level or not
  • Actual health status of inbound links that are necessary for building site authority
  • Ways of increasing relevant keyword rankings
  • Ways of improving visitor lead / sales conversions
  •  Ways of improving  existing social media presence
  • Ways of addressing online reputation management issues

SEO Audit for new Websites

This will bring into light the following issues that become helpful in structuring of the new Website…

  • Familiarizing you with what actually takes to compete in the niche market
  • Plausible online market opportunities
  • The site plan – if it is truly complete
  • Types of supporting blogs – if needed
  • Selection of appropriate social media fit for a new Website

Dimensions Analyzed in an SEO Audit

In course of each SEO Audit, numerous individual dimensions are checked and analyzed which includes the following…

  • Robots.txt file
  • Schema Markup
  • Meta Data
  • Social Markup
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Anchor text Distribution
  • URL Structure
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis
  • Title Tags
  • Alt Text
  • Organic Click Through rates
  • Content Optimization

What do you gain by SEO Audit of your Website?

At the conclusion of each SEO Audit, the website owner receives detailed outline of technical changes that are required to be implemented for increasing traffic to the website. Additionally, notes on link building opportunities, online reputation management tips as well as content development ideas are also provided. In many cases, SEO Auditors sit down with website owners to discuss the types of changes that need to be made to the site, as also how best to implement these changes. As a result of this, most website owners save time and money in trying to implement procedural changes that often prove difficult for them.

Conclusion: In order to stay alive in online business today, it is essential to get your website audited at regular intervals by online SEO Auditors with good track record. Many SEO companies both national and international do this job against payment of professional fees. While the cost of overseas auditors is likely to be more as compared to Indian search engine optimizers, it may be worthwhile to get it done by local SEO companies.