How to Boost Search Query for a Website

Even though there are quite a few ways by which you can boost search query for a website, yet most of these are so longish and tiresome that you will start losing interest before reaching the end. I have, therefore, chosen a simple course that will resolve the issue splendidly while at the same time keep you glued throughout. To be more precise, I have taken the cue from the search queries feature of Google Webmasters Tool which is totally free yet has tons of attributes helpful for many. So, here we go.

Search Queries in Google Webmaster Tool

To begin with, you will need to log in to your Google Webmaster Tool dashboard. Under Traffic>Search queries you will come across sundry significant issues such as what keywords or Queries are being used by people, how much CRT that query is giving, etc.

>> Queries with high impression, yet lesser clicks –

seo-applicationThis is part of online SEO where you will find your page meta description, and how result from your page appears in Google search. This will give you the opportunity to improve upon your CTR, which includes improving the Meta description, putting on author image, deleting dates and many other maneuvers you may think of.

>> Low average position for a query –

Just try to improve queries with average position ranges between 8 and 20 as this is bound to improve the traffic as make an impact on your qualified traffic. Also, you may take the help of a plugin such as SEO Pressor (SEO Pressor V5 features a dedicated keyword optimization engine that lets you know where to use appropriate keyword in your wordpress site so Google accurately identifies your site and bring you traffic) to improve a post for certain queries. However, you also need to improve the overall quality of your page that includes maintaining the SEO of the page.

>> Improving Top Pages matter a lot –

Your Top Pages include the landing pages and your internet marketer needs to improve them too. It will have a better effect on the bounce rate, average time spent on website, while using that page/pages to drive traffic to other significant pages of the site. In other words, go to the Top pages, sort page by clicks and try to optimize that page.

From the above paragraphs you will have a fairly good idea about how to boost search queries for a website through Google Webmaster Tool. As earlier said, there are a few other methods which you may follow to reach your goal but these are long and tedious and are likely to exhaust you at the end.