How to Make Inbound Marketing more Effective?

Even under normal circumstances, inbound marketing becomes more effective than outbound marketing since in the former the customer reaches you while with the latter you ‘push’ your sales, trying to reach your customer to the best of your abilities. Moreover, inbound marketing is more attuned to conversion since it attracts only those who come to you for a specific product or services that you specialize in and so are more targeted. However, to achieve success in this realm you need to build trust through your website which can be accomplished if you implement some of the following issues with appropriate care and wisdom.


Go for Closed Loop Marketing

Since closed-loop marketing entails connecting your CRM (customer relationship software) with your MAS (marketing analytics software) it gives you the opportunity to use the data you mine from analytics, thus creating better content for your potential clientele with your CRM. Moreover, every marketing move that you take needs to have a URL attached to it on your website that helps follow each campaign’s material progress. When you attach URLs to each link you have provided on your sundry marketing channels, whoever clicks that link will automatically signal your selected analytics tool about where it is coming from. In short, closed-loop marketing is more about leveraging insights to ‘close the gap’ which in turn helps understand which marketing activities are effective, as also which are not.


Choose Digital Marketing

Digital promotion draws more people to your website because its appeal is universal. Moreover, the social media presence stimulates trust and certitude like nothing else. What’s more, it makes you look reliable and authentic in a spontaneous way. Studies also reveal that around 82% of consumers are apt to trust a company that commands a strong digital presence.


Digital Marketing GraphicTake a second look at your Landing Page

Getting traffic (people) to your website for a second is half the battle. To win the other half, you need them to stay longer and turn eventually into customers. And this is where your Landing Page proves most relevant. If your content looks like it is keyword stuffed, people will move away in disgust. But at the same time, it must have the right set of keywords to let people know what it is all about. In other words, you need to take a second look at your Landing page and try to draw a fine balance between making it keyword rich and making it more attractive.


Include Automated Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of automated marketing involves catching a customer’s eye through an automated program that entails operations like tracking what it does while on your site as also sending personalized messages to the person. For instance, if a customer includes an item to his/her cart but fails to check out, then the system would send out a ‘Cart abandonment’ message to remind the customer that a particular item still lies in the cart. When used appropriately, automated marketing can increase the conversion rate substantially.


More direct ‘Call to Action’ needed

A mere ‘click here’ for a Call to Action would not do because it is too generic. Also, it often irritates a customer as it neither advises him/her about where the person will be directed to nor give a reason to click. Moreover, contemporary customers are quite perceptive to know as they confront a hyperlink – it will simply redirect them. More effective ‘Calls to Action’ could probably be in the nature of “Start Your free trial now”.


Reform the Forms

Forms on your website allow your customers to get in touch or finding out more information from your company. They usually fill them out, and give their contact information, then send that info to you, giving you yet another lead.

However, it will be prudent to remember that forms should be more customer-friendly than company oriented. You need not have to ask too many personal questions from a customer because it gives rise to resentment and displeasure; and above all, keep it as simple as possible. Studies have revealed that a company was able to go from a 5% form conversion rate, to a 12% form conversion rate, simply by cutting down on the number of required fields. Another thing that is important to note is that most people prefer to not give their phone numbers, and requiring the submission of a phone number can reduce form conversion by 5%.


Provide quality Content

Ask your digital marketer to provide quality content. It not only convinces a customer about the bona fides of a company, but also receives Google’s appreciation. The content should be informative, useful and hundred percent original. By creating good content, you are apt to be accepted by content aggregating sites. Prestigious content aggregating sites will showcase your content to a bigger audience, who in turn will permit you to link back to your site, thus helping in your site’s ranking.


Improving lead quality equates to marketers’ most important objective for inbound marketing for the current year (2015).