Introduction to Social Media Marketing & Management

Before delving deeper into the nitty-gritty of Social Media Marketing Services, it may be worthwhile to know what Social Media actually is. And in order to do that, all you have to do is to break it down. Media, as you know is an instrument that deals in communication, such as a radio, a television or a newspaper. Therefore, social media is nothing but a social instrument of communication. However, there is a big difference between other media and social media since the latter provides two-way communication. For instance, you can not talk to a radio, television or have chitchat with a newspaper, whereas with social media you can interact with your customer, asking for his or her comments on your product or services in a simple way and so can improve upon these. Needless to say, this will help you increase traffic to your website without spending much money on the project. Additionally, this will also improve online visibility through higher rankings in the search engines as well as enhancing your branding.

How Social Media Marketing works?

To begin with, Social Media Marketing involves a form of low-cost advertising through existing networks in the online community. These networks include My Space, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and many more. Since Facebook currently has a whopping 300 million active users and the website is absolutely free to use, it may be worthwhile to take it up as an example. Incidentally, if you want to place an ad on the Facebook, you are required to pay a nominal fee for it, though the fee varies, depending on when, where and how long the ad will continue to run. But beyond this, there are no hidden charges involved. You can also build a Facebook page for your company, inviting people to become your ‘fans’. Many small and medium businesses now have such pages in order to accumulate ‘fans’. But first of all, you need to sign up and create a Facebook page.

Concrete Example

Now, let us take up a concrete example in which you are planning to start a company or maybe you are already an affiliate marketer who promotes other company’s product or services. In both cases, there is every likelihood of your using Facebook or similar networks to inform your friends about items you intend to promote. If your friends like the product or the services, they would also in turn inform their friends about the effectiveness of such products and services. This way, there is every possibility of reaching millions of people within a reasonable period of time. And when this really happens, the campaign gets known as “viral”. But to tell you the truth, it all boils down to the age-old ‘Word-of-Mouth Advertising’ campaign – the only difference is that instead of spreading through the traditional community, we are doing the same through an online community.

Types of Social Media Marketing

To be precise, there two basic types of Social Media Marketing – Off-site (Not on your website) and On-site ( On your website). Off-site Social Media signify that you are directing traffic out of another website back to your own website. These include sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, etc, etc. Since these are used by very many communities of users, they are no doubt great ways to shepherd traffic to your website, provided your endeavors entail set targets to elucidate the due Return on Investment or ROI. However, these are good as short-term solutions. On the other hand, On-site Social Media drives organic search engine traffic straight to your website, at the same time maintaining your online visitors as well as driving enquiries and conversions within your site. What is more, these solutions engage in creating your own platform and so, investing here will ensure maintaining your brand identity, keeping your online users on your website for a longer period of time, driving organic search engine traffic, enhancing your brand’s loyalty, refilling your media marketing library and much more.

Sharing with Social Media Marketing

Even though Social Media Marketing promises the prospect of sharing everything that ranges from videos to blogs to bookmarks, it is important to think in terms of sharing information too because in this case, it offers consumers and customers the opportunity to feel on an even keel with you. This feeling of evenness not only creates repeat customers but also strengthens the most powerful mode of advertising, namely the word of mouth advertising online.


As building Social Media Marketing entails too many drills, some of which are not only quite tough but are also time consuming, most companies find it convenient to assign the task to experienced Social Media Marketers like CRESCENTEK who has the requisite expertise to handle the job well.