Magneto or OpenCart – Choose your own Ecommerce Solution!

For internet marketers, choosing an ecommerce solution often proves wearisome, especially since there are so many options to scrutinize and scan. However, they need to determine, according to their individual requirement, the right solution in order to run their online business effectively and well. This may lead to checking up the ecommerce features of say, Magneto vs. OpenCart or BigCommerce vs. ZenCart as well as many other choices till the appropriate solution is found. This blog post will analyze the scenario that is confined to Magneto vs. OpenCart.

Magneto plus points

The biggest benefit of Magneto is that it provides you with a professional system for online retailing. In fact Magneto continues to function where OpenCart falls short in many ways. Magneto, to be precise, allows you to take your business to much higher level (as compared to OpenCart) while you also gain SEO resources from the system. However, let us specify some of the plus points of Magneto in e-commerce web development that are listed blow.

>> Open Source platform which is free while the code is open to the public. This also permits one to feel how the software works in order to fix things and add advanced features.

>> Multiple Features: Even the standard version of Magneto has all the features that are required for implementing in a reasonably good ecommerce store. Basics include shopping cart, search, catalog management, checkout, administrative functions, etc.

>> Flexibility: The pliability of Magneto makes it possible to modify existing features as also adding in new ones. Drupal, incidentally, has an extension for Magneto that aids in the integration of Magneto into a Drupal-based website. What’s more, when you are converting from another platform, you get tools that let you import products, customers as well as order details from other carts, such as OSCommerce and X-Cart.

>> Growing Community: Magneto boasts of a growing community of developers who unfailingly continue to report issues, extend suggestions and share. Moreover, Magneto’s creator Varien has already come up with a roadmap which helps users upgrade their sites quite easily.

>> Architecture: In one word, Magneto is robustly built. Needless to say, this makes for a stable platform which is essential for any user.

21 OpenCart plus points

OpenCart proves to be one of the most popular, open source, user-friendly online shopping cart system that is based on PHP. It permits developers to devise scale-able and customize-able online shopping stores that literally contain everything an user is likely to look for. To be precise, it is a highly effective online shopping system that has been provided with an astonishing user interface.

Yet another beauty of OpenCart is that it can virtually play host to unlimited categories, some of which are displayed below for the benefit of the reader.

Categories                                                          E x p l a n a t i o n

>> Templatable

OpenCart has a template system built in so you can easily switch between different templates or migrate the current look of your site into OpenCart.

>> Languages

OpenCart can be run in multiple languages.

>> Multi-Store

OpenCart has multi-store capabilites which allow you to manage multiple stores from one admin interface. There are many advantages in being able to set up multiple stores.

>> Multiple Tax rates

OpenCart allows you to setup multiple tax zones so that the correct taxes are paid depending on which country the goods are going to be paid from or shipped to.

>> Payment Gateways

Below you will find a list of payment gateways that are included in the default OpenCart download. It includes, among others:

  • WorldPay
  • Authorize.Net
  • Moneybookers
  • Cheques / Money Orders
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Website Payment Pro
  • PayPal Website Payment Pro (UK)
  • PayPoint
  • eWay (UK, AU, NZ)
  • Klarna

>> Shipping Methods

Below you will find a list or shipping methods that are included in the default OpenCart download.

CitylinkFlat rate

Free shipping

Per item

Parcelforce 48

Pickup From StoreRoyal Mail


United States Postal Service

Weight Based Shipping

>> Modules

OpenCart is a module based system which allows users to easily extend the functionality for their needs. Opencart comes with 11 modules that ARE quick and easy to configure.










Google Analytics

Google Talk

>> Backend Administration

OpenCart comes with a fully functional administrative UI.

>> SEO optimized

OpenCart is search optimized, thus allowing pages to be indexed by all major search engines and includes support for custom product and category META tags.

Conclusion should necessarily come from you’re your end since you are going to run your online business effectively and well.