Phone calls are now a Digital Marketer’s Best Friend

You have no doubt looked into various ways and means to attract, engage and convert customers to the best of your abilities but probably have never thought of using phone calls to fit into that crucial scenario till now. However, here are some valid reasons to delve deeper into it.

Digital Marketers Best Friend


The picture will be clearer if we go by the stats. According to Invoca’s current Call Intelligence Index, More and more customers begin their journeys online and complete them over the phone. Just about everyone is carrying a smartphone, and marketers are realizing that phone calls are now forming a big part of the digital journey. And as it turns out, there are serious benefits to pairing inbound calls  with digital lead generation strategies.’


Nevertheless, let us now take a look into why you cannot afford to overlook phone calls towards achieving your goal.


Elevated Conversion Rates – While you usually feel contended with around 2% conversion rate on your PPC campaigns, how about elevating it to 30% or more? No; I’m not kidding, because you may easily achieve this by incorporating phone calls along with pay-per-call campaigns hooked on to your lead generation tactics.


Phone calls are obviously linked to high conversion rates for the simple reason that a customer calls a business when he or she has already deiced to make a purchase and does that as quickly as possible. And, if you go by what Google says about it then you must believe that “61% of mobile searchers say that click-to-call is most valuable in the purchase phase for them.”


Human interaction brings better result – Even though you may be prompted to consign phone calls to the Offline Avenue as a byproduct of TV commercials, print ads, etc, that are likely to lose relevance in a digital world, you may be mistaken since the border line between online experience and offline experience  is quite thin. With a single tap of the screen, potential customers are shifting from a search ad or email to an effective phone call.


Needless to say, mobile technology has revolutionized simple phone calls to a fascinating customer experience like never before. Going once again by Invoca’s current Call intelligence Index, “45% of phone calls come from mobile search alone; while a mere 16% are referred by offline channels”. Also, no one denies the magnitude of mobile apps and websites, but these can never substitute human interaction.


Conversion Rate goes up since calls are directed to all spheres –  As per current Call Intelligence Index, phone calls placed in 2015 covered more than 65 industries and their associates. Almost one-third of those calls were within industries focused on lead generation for ‘high-consideration’ purchases. Nonetheless, take a quick look at some of the industries with high call volume.

  • Travel
  • Auto
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Fiscal Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Insurance
  • Home Services
  • Education
  • Computer and Electronic items
  • Legal



Since smartphones are increasingly being used for purchase purposes by many, it would not be prudent to ignore the importance of calls generated through these phones by people who are either in the midst of talking with a friend about the purchase or are on the go.