Samsung+ APP Brings Tech support to your Phone

The App

Samsung seems to be pulling out all the right stops in wooing customers and establishing a long-term relationship. The market is already in frenzy with their latest mobile phones: the
Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Many say that these are the best smart phones of the year by a long shot. But it that enough to enough to put a proud smirk on Samsung’s façade? Not at all! The company is busy, humbly striving to enrich the customer’s experience. This time, they hope to do it with the Samsung+ App.

samsung+ app

Why is it made?

Perhaps you have heard about the Genius Bar from Apple, which enables you to diagnose and solve any technical issue with your handset. It connects you with the company’s personnel who offer live help. The problem is that most other devices do not have this kind of facility.

Samsung has taken the task upon itself to solve the issue. For this purpose, it has developed the Samsung+ App.

What does it do?

Just like Apple’s app, it offers customers support with their devices. The catch is that it works only on Samsung’s own devices. But the good news is that the App covers not only your phone but all other devices of the same company. Suppose you are having a technical issue on another product of Samsung.

First of all, you can diagnose the device for any problems. There is also a handy FAQ for your benefit. The really cool thing about this App is that it gives you live help. We’re talking about live video support and phone support here!

Second, if the problem is too big, you need to allow the representative to take over your device. Don’t worry! If you do not allow them inside your private folders, they won’t get inside.

Last minute nuggets

One thing you need to know about the App is that you need to subscribe. That’s right. You didn’t expect this kind of premium support to be given for free, did you?

There are 3 levels of subscription: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver level offers rudimentary services. However, the upside is that if you have a number of Samsung devices, you get the Gold level immediately!