Tips on Building Social Media Content Strategy

Sadly enough, even today many businesses, both big and small, miss out on the issue of creating engaging content and sharing it with their customers in their social media campaigns. And when these fail, then the blame falls on Facebook or Twitter, little knowing that Social media is neither Facebook nor Twitter. It is not LinkedIn either. Anything that is shared online and facilitates two-way interactive dialogue is social media. It’s fundamentally about the interaction and conversation that makes it social. Unless your social media content is woven round these crucial points, your social media campaign would fall flat like a sinking ship.

For businesses that aspire to gain substantial ROI in terms of content and social strategies should take heed of the following issues.

It is just not enough to have a Facebook or Twitter account for running a campaign. These social networks work only when you are able to focus relevant messages for your targeted audience. In fact, developing an effective content strategy is a prerequisite for opening a social media account. In order to be more practical, you might as well ask yourself a few relevant questions, such as…

  • Who are your audience members?
  • What venues they prefer personally?
  • In what way you could interact with them without forcing your brand image on them?
  • Can you introduce any essential message that will prove precious for them?

You will be able to create effective Social Media Content only when you have received viable answers to these questions.

Appointing the right person at the helm makes all the difference. Putting a highly social individual to handle the issue may not be all that successful because he may prove himself a hero in a wedding reception but be an absolute zero in organizing it. In fact, your campaign should be organized by a person who can fathom the holistic nature of social marketing and create content accordingly. If there is a dearth of such individuals in-house, do not hesitate to engage a professional to do the job.

In conclusion, irrespective of whether you are thinking of newsletter subscribers or Twitter followers, the key to success lies more in quality than in quantity. Even a meager number of Twitter followers can prove profitable if those can actually engage with your message and convert into sales.